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    Why Haven’t You Traveled to the Best Lakes in Pakistan Yet?

    There is no doubt that Pakistan is one of those countries which are endowed with surplus natural beauty.

    From amazing landscapes to housing five of the highest peaks in the world and the awe-inspiring lakes and valleys; Pakistan is a photographer’s heaven!

    The serene and tranquil lakes in Pakistan are one of a kind and if you want to add a feather in your travelling cap, then you must visit them.

    Lake Saif-ul-Muluk

    Lake SaifulMuluk tops the list of the most beautiful lakes in Pakistan. Located near the town of Naran, this lake is the highest lake in Pakistan and is at an altitude of 3224 meters.

    The bowl-shaped lake is rich in multiple unique flora and fauna, particularly the blue-green algae species which give it a beautiful greenish-blue hue. Besides its picturesque setting, the lake has an interesting folklore attached to it which adds to its mystical beauty.

    Camping and boating facilities are easily available and if you are an avid stargazer, then overnight camping is a must for you. So get your cameras and your gear ready to visit this beautiful lake!

    Shangrila Lake

    Shangrila Lake is also known as Lower Kachura lake and is at a drive of about 20 minutes from Skardu. Shangrila Lake is a beautiful and popular tourist destination and one of its unique features is its restaurant which has been built on a crashed aircraft fuselage.

    The lake itself is extremely beautiful and crystal clear. It was named after a book titled ‘Lost horizon’ by James Hilton in which he described a fictional, idyllic place called Shangri-La which was quite similar to Shangrila lake, hence the name!

    Attabad Lake

    Attabad lake is one of the most popular lakes for tourism and with good reason too! The turquoise water of the lake and the massive mountainous backdrop are enough to be awe-inspiring.

    The pristine water of the lake gives a feeling of peace and calm and the mountains give a feeling of complete and utter incredulity. The history of this lake is very tragic as it was created as a result of a massive landslide that destroyed an entire village, the Gojal lake.

    It is for this reason that Attabad lake is also known as the Gojal lake. Boat rides are available and the colorful boats give a contrasting beauty to the uniform turquoise of the lake water.

    Ansoo Lake

    Ansoo lake is one miraculous lake and unlike any other lakes, it is a marvel to look at!

    Located at a height of 13,927 feet, it lies amidst the towering peaks of Kaghan valley. The journey to reach the river is extremely difficult but once you reach there, you’ll be stunned to see it.

    Shaped accurately like a tear-drop, this river exists at a height where water bodies are not supposed to be! It is fondly known as the ‘Crown jewel’ of Kaghan valley. Keep in mind that camping is not feasible and can be very risky.

    Banjosa Lake

    Banjosa lake is an artificial lake located in Rawalakot, District Bagh in Azad Kashmir. It is located at 6499 feet above the sea level and is surrounded by pine forests and lush green mountains.

    The pine forests give a very charming and romantic feel to the entire area and the smell of pine adds to the overall ambiance of the area. The temperatures are cool during the summers and cold during the winters, making this lake accessible throughout the year. Access to this lake is easy via a metallic road from Rawalakot.

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