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    8 iPhone Keyboard Features That You Need To Know

    With the release of the latest iPhone 12, an unexpected upsurge in overall production and consumption was drastically noticed. A large number of consumers tend to choose iPhone models over Android devices due to several reasons. Exclusive keyboard specifications, high-end camera resolution, software capabilities, extended battery lifespan, and a wide range of easy-to-ace applications are the premium reasons for its massive recognition. 

    Alongside, enhancing the writing experience or speed is just a matter of simple customization when it comes to owning an iPhone keyboard. Nowadays, we spend an ample amount of time accessing the iPhone, especially for sending text messages, writing notes, or emails. And, when we talk about, accessing the keyboard, one simple mistake can completely misinterpret the entire written paragraph. 

    Therefore, the premier focus of the iPhone users should be on maximizing the mistakes to get ease in writing. Fortunately, few flabbergasting keyboard shortcuts can bring accuracy and can successfully increase the overall readability and productivity as well. 

    Have you recently bought an iPhone and are you looking for the worth-exploring keyboard hacks? Then, here we are including the best keyboard features which iPhone users can implement. 

    Utilize the Spacebar functionalities

    Simply, imagine you have written a long paragraph, and after undergoing extensive research, you get to know that the entire information is incorrect. Well, it happens all the time, so don’t fret over it, especially when you own an iPhone. Removing the inappropriate words, letters or even the entire paragraph has become far easier with the help of a spacebar. 

    All you had to do is, hold the spacebar for a while — this will automatically change the direction of the keyboard cursor. Now, you don’t have to take the hassle of dragging the cursor to the definite space of the text where you have included the incorrect text. Search “iPhone repair near me” when you will get difficulty in accessing the iPhone keyboard. 

    Hold on! That’s not all! The keyboard spacebar can do much more than just adding space between two words, or making sufficient space between two paragraphs. Do you know that double-tapping the iPhone spacebar can explicitly add periods at the end of each sentence? Yes! Just make sure the “.” the keyboard feature is enabled through the Keyboard settings. 

    Adding Text Shortcuts is Pretty Easy

    Nowadays, people are more into using text shortcuts rather than using long-phrased words — all because that’s more time-consuming and declines the writing speed. Therefore, being the largest and pre-eminent smartphone manufacturing company, Apple has specifically designed the iPhone keyboards where you can add shorthand keywords. When you write “OMW”, it will be automatically framed as “On my Way”. 

    For instance, you get the privilege to include commonly used terms such as “def” or “ASAP”, or “TTYL”. Side-by-side, save yourself from the hassle of writing or remembering the important email addresses, by just creating its shortcuts. 

    Want to enlist your favourite emojis? Simply, create shortcuts and put that in the right place to make the conversation interesting. To add text shortcuts, consider going to the iPhone “Settings” beforehand. Afterwards, navigate for the “Keyboard” section, and then “Text Replacement” for inserting the preferable text shortcuts. 

    Add accurate Punctuation

    No doubt, putting the appropriate punctuation at the beginning, middle, or end of the sentences clarify its meaning and the narrator’s expression. Moreover, adding question marks, exclamation marks, full stop, comma or other punctuation marks can become tedious at times. 

    Therefore, iPhone keyboards provide additional benefits to users by making the writing procedure simple. Despite using the “123” button multiple times, opt for holding this button, then simply slide into the punctuation column. After releasing this button, it will automatically take you to the alphabetical segment. 

    Shake the phone to Undo Typing Mistakes 

    It is obvious that, while sending documents or texts to your friends, colleagues, or clients, you will definitely make some writing mistakes. And, till now, we all know, the backspace key is the only way to remove those mistakes. But, now you can simply shake the phone to undo the previously written long paragraphs, words, or sentences. Even though this keyboard functionality was there for years, very few iPhone users were aware of it. 

    When you will firmly shake the handset, a pop-up window is most likely to appear on the screen. Simply, go for the “Undo” option, and if you want the previously written texts, re-shaking the device will bring up the “Redo Typing” option. 

    Are you unable to get this pop-up window even after shaking the iPhone multiple times? Have you enabled the “Shake to Undo” feature before? You can simply enable this keyboard shortcut, by moving to the “Settings” first, and then to the “Accessibility” section. Look out for the “Shake to Undo” option, then tap on it to avail this feature. 

    Use the Keyboard is a Trackpad 

    At times, moving the cursor around the iPhone keyboard becomes troublesome, that’s where this hidden keyboard functionality comes into the picture. And, the latest iPhone models such as the iPhone 6s comes with a 3D Touch feature which turns the keyboard into a trackpad.  

    Technically, the oversized keyboards make it difficult to accelerate it properly. Use the 3D Touch feature in the keyboard for swift transformation. Want to select a particular portion of the text? Simply, put the cursor and wait until it lightens up. 

    Moreover, with the usage of this mind-blowing feature, deleting texts has become easier, faster, and convenient. Make sure, the iPhone has an in-built 3D Touch packing or else this feature won’t work. 

    Change the Keyboard Language

    Over time, Apple has gone through numerous changes in order to improve the keyboard standard, for the convenience of the users. And, when we talk about, adding new features, you can easily change the language structure using the iOS keyboard. Because there are people who prefer using more than one language to out-pour their expression through texts. Fortunately, changing an additional language on the keyboard is pretty simple. 

    Simply, opt for choosing the iPhone “Settings” in the first place. Right after that, move to the “General” section, and don’t forget to select the “Keyboard”. Ultimately, go to the “Keyboards” page and hold the globe icon for a while and insert the preferable language. Bring flexibility in writing by just acknowledging the best-in-use features. 

    Put the Domain Address without Any Mistake

    Well, making mistakes while entering a domain address can get you into trouble. Especially, when you will directly step into a malicious website unknowingly. Simply, avoid the unwanted hurdles using a simple solution while accessing the domain. Write the entire domain address, now you can simply hold the “.” button to get additional options that are a must-thing in every domain address. 

    For instance, if you want to add “com”, “net” or “Edu” at the end of the address, consider tapping on the “.” symbol for fast and accurate results. This will slightly increase the writing speed ensuring the address is error-free. 

    Change the Basic Settings

    Technically, both the beginners and the existing iPhone users will get a few basic in-built specifications on the iOS keyboard which should be top on their checklist. And, to navigate these exclusive features, simply slide into the “Settings” menu, and then tap on the “General” section. Right there, you will get the “Keyboard” section, go for that and opt for enabling/disabling the requisite keyboard settings.

    Enhance Writing Expertise

    At times, the Predictive text feature becomes hard-to-tackle and can misrepresent the appropriate words. Therefore, disabling this feature will add perfection in writing. Along with that, there are features such as Auto-capitalization, auto-correction, Check Spelling, Smart Punctuation, or Character Preview that can be managed as per your preferences. 

    These were the best-chosen iPhone keyboard tactics that you should learn to overcome the writing hurdles. Surely, you must have heard about the keyboard features earlier, but not everyone is aware of them. So, explore these splendid features instead of downloading a third-party keyboard. 

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