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    Warning Signs That The Career You’re In Is Wrong for You

    Not everyone ends up in the correct career right off the bat, but some become so hypnotized by their current job that they never spot the warning signs that something was amiss. There’s no shortage of signs that you ended up in the wrong career, but spotting them can be difficult if you are still convincing yourself that the job you hold now is the best path for you. Did you know that, according to EdSurge, the average person will hold nearly 12 jobs by the time they are 50?

    While these numbers may be less dramatic in countries like Pakistan where people prefer ‘job security’ over growth, this does prevent career dissatisfaction from being an endemic issue.

    Should the career you have now be the product of many job hunts and years of experience, then it is more than likely that you may actually be in the right career. However, if you are still young or fresh into your career, it’s possible that the job you have now may not be the best career for you. Don’t allow the warning signs of a bad career match to pass you by without taking any action.

    Your Day-To-Day is Beyond Boring

    No one ever said work would be the highlight of your day, but if you are consistently bored each day and none of the tasks assigned to you even remotely catch your interest, consider learning how to write a resignation letter. Your boredom with day-to-day tasks will either stem from a lack of skills being used to complete your work or the ease at which those tasks can be completed.

    Regardless of the exact reason, staying in a career path that leaves you bored is no way to live your life. Work will make up most of your life, and the career you hold should excite you to your core. Now, keep in mind that not every day will interest you as much as the last, but you should be able to get excited about your job.

    Consider looking into more career paths and doing some research on what certain jobs entail. What seems to be a good match for your skills or interests? Be sure to do sufficient research, however, as you don’t want to end up in a career that is just as bad as the one you escape.

    You Constantly Look at Job Postings

    A huge red flag that the job you’re in isn’t right for you is if you see yourself looking at job postings all the time. Whether it be jobs at your own companies or others, seriously looking at other jobs is indicative of the fact that you are not happy with your own career.

    Clearly, you don’t believe that the job you have now is what you should be doing. When it comes to the best reasons for leaving a job, a lack of a challenge or recognition that there is a skill misalignment will show a certain level of personal introspection to new potential employers. It will also signify that you are a person who knows now what they want to do and that your time wouldn’t be wasted at a new career.

    Focus on yourself and identify what it is that you actually want to do. If you wish to go into a job that requires technical skills that you don’t have, online degrees have never been easier to obtain due to technology. Consider taking the time to pursue a new education and launch the career that you aspire to.

    You Don’t Know Where You’re Headed

    Overall, a general lack of clarity on what direction you wish to head in is a big sign that you may be in the wrong career. Odds are, you did not guess the perfect career for yourself on the first try and the one you hold now is a mismatch for who you are.

    Not knowing the career you want can be daunting and lead you to accept any opportunity that offers a salary. However, it’s important to slow down and ensure you are entering a job for the right reasons, rather than pure convenience. 


    The warning signs that you are in the wrong career are easy to spot, but only if you are looking for them. Try not to fool yourself into believing that the job you have now is the best option, especially if you are still relatively new to the workforce. Being in the wrong career is a fate that occurs to many workers, but a fate that few of those workers ever escape. Don’t let yourself be deluded by a job that isn’t a fit for your skills and interests, and don’t stop searching until you find a job that fills you with passion.

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