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    Totally awesome Ramadan Food Recipes

    Ramadan 2019 is just around the corner and this time it’s going to be even hotter, humid and tougher! While hydrating to the core will be everyone’s first pick, the truth is, breaking your fast to scrumptious dishes will be as much fun!

    Whether you are planning to stay on a diet this time or are too lazy to cook delicious dishes; here are totally awesome Ramadan recipes for you to create within minutes for a perfect Iftar.

    Cheesy Bread Rolls

    Cheese rolls are super tasty, especially when you haven’t eaten since the whole day! They are easy to make, they take no more than 10 minutes and are surely a treat for the ones who eat it.


    ·         Take fresh bread slices (as many as you want to make)

    ·         Roll one piece at a time with a rolling pin and cut the edges.

    ·         Fill it with finely cut cheese strips.

    ·         Roll it neatly.

    ·         Toss it in a beaten egg and crumb coat it.

    ·         Deep fry till it turns golden brown.

    Yummy 5 minute Pizza

    Who doesn’t crave crazy-cheesy-dripping pizza after a long and hectic fast? If you want pizza and you think it’s too late to order, make your own at home within a jiffy!

    Here’s how:

    ·         Take a few bread slices and cut the edges.

    ·         Top the bread piece with tomato sauce/chili sauce/ bbq sauce (according to preference)

    ·         Then toss finely chopped onions, tomatoes, olives, fresh coriander and oregano on top.

    ·         Top this off with any leftover chicken/beef.

    ·         Add your favorite cheese and roof-bake for no more than 7 minutes!

    Stuffed Chilies!

    If you are game for something spicy and fiery, this patakha snack is made for you!

    Make yours by:

    ·         Washing large green chilies and removing the seeds neatly by incising a small cut on the side.

    ·         Fill the chilies with a mixture of cheese and shredded chicken. You can also opt for 3 different cheeses for more flavor.

    ·         Best option: Cottage cheese and mozzarella cheese.

    ·         Coat the chilies with simple besan-pakora batter and deep fry until golden!

    Cheese Bombs!

    If munching on standard macaroni and cheese is too mainstream for you, attempt to create the perfect mac n cheese bombs for Iftar and leave everyone spellbound!

    ·         Boil macaroni as per packet instructions

    ·         Rinse it when ready and simply add cheese, salt and pepper.

    ·         Create meat-sized balls by rolling the gooey mixture on your hand and set aside.

    ·         Whisk an egg and add 1 tablespoon milk, 1 tsp oregano, salt and pepper

    ·         Toss the balls in the egg mixture, crumb coat them and deep fry at 350 degrees for no more than 5 minutes.

    Voila! Serve hot!

    Instant Peach Delight

    Colorful peaches take center stage during Iftar time due to their creamy, soft and sweet sensation.

    More so because this delicacy is refrigerated and perfectly chill before eating!

    Here’s how to make it:

    ·         Collect Marie or digestive biscuits ( 3 rolls)

    ·         Finely chop them and add 2 tablespoon butter, 1 tablespoon honey and chopped dates (5)

    ·         Press this mixture in the base of the serving dish.

    ·         Open the tinned peaches, add the juice in 2 packets of Nestle cream and beat well.

    ·         Slice the peaches neatly and keep aside.

    ·         Simply pour the creamy mixture on top of the base and top it off with finely sliced peaches.

    Repeat the steps until you reach the top.

    ·         Garnish with peaches or any other fruit.

    ·         Refrigerate for 30 minutes before serving.


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