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    5 Traditional Ramadan Foods all Pakistanis love breaking their Fast To

    Ramadan sounds like an entire month of unreasonable sacrifice and basically hell to all the non-Muslims! However, for us Muslims, there is no other month as blessed and pure as this!

    A whole month of fasting in all senses of the word; no water, no food, no smoking, no sexual activity, zero negative thoughts and above all, rather practicing patience, abstain, praying 5 times a day and positivity…. Not something as easy as counting peas!

    It is believed that the official laws during Ramadan in Pakistan are far unyielding as opposed to other Islamic countries. Munching on snacks during the fasting hours is a crime. Consequently, for this and many other reasons, Iftar is the time of the day which all Pakistanis love from the core of their heart!

    Why, you would ask? Not only because you are allowed to eat anything and everything then onwards, but what makes Iftars special are the scrumptious traditional dishes!

    Want to know what it’s like to spend a traditional Iftar in Pakistan? Here are top 5 food items all Pakistanis can swear by!

    Tasty ‘Pakorey’

    A true Ramadan staple all across Pakistan, be it in households or in the market; Pakorey are a must for Iftar!

    Pakorey are a mouth watering savory delight made from gram flour paste wrapped around an assortment of freshly diced vegetables.

    Exactly what Pakistani Muslims crave for, at Iftar!

    While the popular ones are aloo pakorey, mix vegetable pakorey (onion, potato, green chilies), and bengan pakorey; innovation takes place in these from home to home.

    We also love Anday Pakorey (egg)! Best served at Charra Pani, Murree.

    Crispy Samosey!

    The second food which tops the Pakistani Iftar culinary special is none other than ‘Samosa’.

    The triangular carefully folded, securely packed savory goodness when deep fried in ghee or oil is perfect for breaking a fast at sundown.

    Inside this crumbly crust is mostly potato filling infused with local herbs. Nonetheless, you will also find samosas containing chicken or beef.

    Interestingly, a few local culinary specialists have introduced flavored samosas which represent our true Pakistani taste buds.

    Craving Samosas?

    Checkout Samosa kitchen (Main Market, Lahore) for the most appetizing, flavorful and unique samosas ever!

    Our favorite?

    Definitely the Nutella Bomb Samosa!

    Dahi Baray

    Dahi Baray is the yummiest snack one can have, especially during the scorching summer months!

    Dahi baray are not as easy to cook, hence, most people settle for its other easier version known as ‘dahi phulki’.

    The highlight of this delicacy is the smooth taste of yellow lentil and white lentil (moong and mash) blended together, shaped into balls, then deep fried, only to be topped off with freshly beaten yogurt. What’s more? A hint of tamarind sauce with sprinkles of red chili powder and salt to taste.

    This treat is refreshing and eye opening after a long fast during Ramadan!

    Chana Chaat

    Channa Chaat is also one of our preferred Pakistani cousines not only during Ramadan but also as a tea time snack, especially when Khala plans to visit!

    This chickpea traditional salad is usually made by mixing diced onions, boiled potatoes, chopped green chilies, freshly squeezed lemon juice, green coriander and when you top this off with homemade tamarind sauce; trust us! You will definitely yearn for a second helping!


    When it comes to munching on something super sweet and delicious, nothing beats the crispy texture of Jalebi. And imagine sheera ‘sugar syrup’ oozing out in your mouth!

    Us Pakistanis wouldn’t settle for anything less for iftar!

    Come visit Pakistan during Ramadan and treat yourself to our traditional cuisines!






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