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    10 things you should do when you visit Karachi

    Karachi is a hustling, bustling, robust city that surely captures the heart of all. Now that the living and security conditions have improved tremendously, it’s a so much more fun too!
    Nonetheless, people all around have always found humor in the dire past conditions of the city.

    Getting down to business, out of the many wondrous things to do here, let’s attempt to shortlist the best of the best!

    Disclaimer: Food dominates all!


    Karachi is a hub of high-quality restaurants, and Kolachi is a prime example of this very fact. Kolachi is located at the sea-side and is truly one-of-a-kind. At night, customers can look over the beautiful waves crashing on the rocks.

    Lean over the balcony and you can even see little lobsters scuttling about the beautiful rockery. The food is a different story altogether – more scrumptious than anywhere else ever.

    Zahid ke Nihari

    Located in an extremely central location in Saddar, Karachi, it is one of the places where people flock to in masses – Honestly! On cold winter nights (which aren’t very cold because hello? It’s Karachi) the place is literally jam-packed with people waiting eagerly for a seating. It is affordable and tastes incredibly tasty – win win!

    Paratha Roll from Hot n Spicy

    Of all the numerous Paratha roll joints scattered in every busy corner of the city, ‘Hot n Spicy’ is probably the oldest and has legendary Paratha rolls to offer. And the vast variety!

    Well, you need a lifetime to taste all of them! The ones I have had the pleasure of tasting, however, are totally mouth-watering.

    The Sea View Beach

    A stroll along this beach or a visit to just about any of the beautiful beaches is one of the main attractions of the beautiful city of Karachi.

    While Sea View Beach has been polluted quite a lot due to littering by the hordes of visitors that flock for open air and fun every day, recent attempts at cleaning it up have been quite successful.

    In any case, visiting a beach in Karachi for a day of sun, sand, waves and food is undoubtedly to die for! The beaches always have a cool breeze which makes it even more enjoyable. Further, there are options for horse riding and camel riding. All in all, if you visit Karachi, this is one experience you must not miss!

    Among the most notable beaches is ‘French Beach’ which is also considerably cleaner.

    Dolmen Mall

    Dolmen Mall is a huge attraction, and not just for tourists. Go there any day of the week and you’ll find a considerable number of people happily shopping about.

    The best thing about this particular mall is the immense number of shops available under one roof. You’d find just about everything from local brands to the top-notch international ones. Not only are there shops such as Miniso, Outfitters, Hub but also Next, Baby Shop, Mothercare and more.

    Additionally, there are shops catering to everything from shoes, baby accessories, clothes, bags, makeup, perfumes and what not. Even more amazing is the food court which is spacious and has a vast assortment to choose from.

    If you’re lucky enough – Karachi Eat

    Karachi Eat is a marvelous festival held once a year. While it has now started in Lahore and Islamabad as well, I dare say it can not in any way surpass the standard set by the one that is held in Karachi!

    The many, many, many beautiful parks
    All the rumors you’ve heard that Karachi is a dusty, musty old city with no plantation? Let’s prove them all false right here, right now.

    Karachi is full of luscious green parks with immensely appreciable horticulture that are open to the public.

    PAF Museum

    PAF Museum At PAF Museum you are truly awestruck by the number of exhibits available for visitors to sail through. There are approximately 30 aircrafts on display!

    Other interesting things include antique aircrafts and fighter jets. There is also an area set aside for children. The museum also serves to pay homage to the war heroes of Pakistan through its many exhibits.


    Perhaps the most special aspects of Karachi is that it is home to the mausoleum of our beloved Quaid. The spectacular building inspires awe and respect in the hearts of all Pakistanis who come to pay their respects to the man who stopped at nothing in his quest to achieve a separate homeland for Muslims.

    Churna Island

    This is a small island located 6 to 7 kilometers from Karachi. However, one must visit this place for sure!

    Here you can indulge in scuba diving, cliff diving, jet skiing and snorkeling! Churna Island is a proof that Pakistan has the ability to match any international location in terms of beauty as well as tourist attractions!


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