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    Some of Pakistan’s Most Trusted Opticians

    Revolutionary equipment, adequate qualification, proper one-on-one consultation as well as slight knowledge about fashion and trends– these are a few basic qualities to look for in an optician!

    Since selecting an optician is more or less like settling for a professional doctor for regular checkups, it is understandable if you are being skeptical about your final decision.

    Do you feel you are viewing the world in a low resolution? Are you in dire need of eye-glasses or lenses?

    Take a look below to find the best trusted opticians in Pakistan who will help you find exactly what you deserve.


    Eye Master (Clifton Road)

    All eyes are unique and hence require high quality pair of glasses to look through.

    No one understands this better than opticians at Eye Master. A renowned optics store in the heart of Karachi will exactly be the solution to your eye problems.

    These opticians provide all customers with a detailed consultation, only to offer them the most accurate spectacles accordingly.

    Ainak (Zamzama)

    Another trusted best-seller’s name in the optic world is Ainak.

    When it comes to choosing reading glasses as well as sunglasses for the sunny days, Ainak should be your pick.

    Not only do they display a wide array of stylish and trendy designs of eye wear, but their service has always received impeccable 5 stars!

    Do check their outlet out.


    Optic World (Main Market)

    If you are a Lahori, you probably already know that Optic World is the only name which pops in the mind as soon as your next eye test is up!

    You will find the friendliest, most respectful and helpful staff at Optic World.

    While you will without a doubt find the most expensive and cool eye wear in their store, you will, on the other hand will find the most affordable ones too!

    This feature truly sets them apart from the rest.

    Nain Care (DHA)

    Finding parking space for your car is a daunting task outside Nain Care’s outlet because everyone chooses to go there!

    While they specialize in powered glasses, eyewear frames and trendy sunglasses; they are also a trusted vendor for contact lenses and lenses solutions.

    You might find their prices to be touching the roof, but hey! Don’t you want to gift your eyes the best?


    D. Watson (F-6, F-10)

    Offering Islamabad the best groceries, perfumes, makeup items as well as medicines under one roof; D.Watson is not short of introduction in the optic world either!

    Selling high quality frames, powered glasses as well as powered contact lenses; D. Watson has been leading the market since decades.

    Receive the best one-on-one consultation and go home with utter satisfaction. D. Watson is hands down, the best Islamabad has to offer.

    Gulzari Optics (G9)

    Not the best locale in Islamabad, G9 nonetheless is a decent area to visit when you want to get your chores done- Shopping for inexpensive items being the main feature.

    However, when it comes to listing the names of trusted opticians, Gulzari Optics lands as the 2nd best.

    Not only do they offer affordable services but also provide their customers with faultless follow-ups later.

    Let us know which one you guys choose!


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