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    Where is Ahmed Shah – The Oyee Whisperer?

    It wouldn’t be wrong to claim that the latest heart throb of Pakistani media is a 4 year old Pathan kid who is incredibly cute and makes everyone go ‘Awww’ whenever they see him on-screen.

    Ahmed Shah surfaced on Social media through a video uploaded by one of his teachers where he is seen to be angry while asking for his bag back. The four year old child, in all his innocence was misbehaving in the video but due to his Pathan accent, everyone found it adorable and the video went viral on every social media platform.

    Next up, another video of Ahmed shah came about where he uses the famous phrase, ‘Peechey dekho Peechey’ This video again made people go gaga over his cuteness and before we knew it, Ahmed Shah was to be seen everywhere. Nida Yasir invited him to her Show and 

    then the backlash began!

    People felt that it was absurd to encourage this ‘mannerless’ kid by bringing him on TV. What people hated more was how Nida Yasir conducted the show. She deliberately annoyed him to get the ‘cute’ reactions we saw in the videos but here it just seemed absurd!

    Then, before we even knew it, Ahmed Shah was everywhere!

    He debuted in an advertisement and was invited to be a ‘special guest’ on a Ramazan Transmission on ARY hosted by Waseem Badami. He was also seen visiting Fahad Mustafa’s show, Jeeto Pakistan with his special ‘treasure box’ everyday. Ahmed Shah had achieved overnight what many people yearn for, for many years.

    Many people bashed the TV channels for promoting and exploiting an ill-mannered kid on national TV for their own benefits and TRPs. People expressed their opinions regarding Ahmed Shah’s popularity on twitter and here’s what they had to say!

    Despite, criticism, there are many people who love him!

    Even we believed that Ahmed Shah gained popularity for all the wrong reasons and that people 

    were just exploiting his cuteness! However our views changed when we saw him every day on TV.

    We realised that he is just a 4 year old Pathan kid who is incredibly cute and has a funny accent. We got to know that he has brothers and that he aspires to be a doctor when he grows up. We saw him on the show every day and we noticed that not once had he misbehaved or used foul language.

    Those 30 days made us realize that kids are pure and mouldable. They will shape themselves how you want them to be, and that is the most beautiful yet scary thing there is.

    Ahmed Shah’s behaviour might reflect how his family is and how they interact with each other but promoting the same behaviour for publicity is what is wrong with our media today. Ahmed Shah returned from Karachi after Eid with a promise that he wouldn’t behave the way he did previously and we think that is why he should be adored by people all over the world and not because of his foul language or his behaviour.

    Moreover, in just around 6 months or maybe less, DR. Ahmed Shah, as he likes to call himself is incredibly famous and everyone knows him. He is a funny yet a confident kid who has a very bright future! He has an Instagram following of around 28K and we are shocked at the little one’s popularity. He also has a Youtube channel where he keeps posting videos of himself and his brothers every now and then and we love it! We hope to see him with an agreeable attitude whenever he appears on TV again.


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