Friday, June 9, 2023

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    Top Fitness Influencers in Pakistan that will help you get in shape

    The fitness and wellness industry is witnessing a boom like never before. While we can owe it to the top celebs giving us fitness goals, on the other hand, we equally need to owe it to the social media content posted by fitness freaks.

    I for one love watching exercise videos, easy diy fitness tutorials, diet plans and everything in between to motivate me. Moreover, watching the fat-to-fit journeys of regular people is beyond inspiring.

    If you seek the ideal motivation for your fitness journey, here are the top fitness influencers you need to follow on social media.

    Zahra Ahmad

    If happy up-beat music gets your rocking and moving your head side to side; Zahra Ahmad is the fitness influencer you need to follow. Interestingly, Zahra Ahmad chooses dance fitness as an inspiration and dances her way from fat to fit.

    Moreover, she works at Aimfit to helps thousands get in shape through dancing. Her dance moves help workout tough muscles to tone up and gain strength.

    Aim fit Official

    Aim Fit Official needs no introduction because I am sure you already know about it. It is Pakistan’s top fitness platform for women. Interestingly, all the fitness instructors are also women so the comfort level is ideal too.

    Choose your favorite plan from yoga fitness, power Pilates and dance fitness to lose weight.

    Mohsin Ali

    Social media, especially Instagram has made it so much easier to find cool home workouts and fitness ideas. It also showcases diet plans and real-life fitness stories. Hence, Mohsin Ali is one inspirational fitness enthusiast you need to check out. You will find his journey from fat to fit in his highlights. While his amazing workout sessions are posted in the feed.

    Sadia Arif

    Interestingly, Sadia Arif is another amazing fitness enthusiast who posts her favorite workouts, exercises, client fitness transformations, and lots more on her social media account. If you want motivation, this blog is for you.

    Amna Khan Fitness

    Amna Khan is a personal and group fat loss coach who encourages people on a daily basis. Indeed, she helps people make the right choices for their bodies. Moreover, she is the co-founder of Fit Body Guide. Her feed is filled with regular reminder workout videos for everyone’s motivation.

    Sukhan Elahi

    Well, when fitness comes into question, not everyone feels comfortable exercising. Hence, this is where Sukhan Elahi jumps in with her perfect diet plans, dietary changes to help transform you into something you dream about.

    Interestingly, she also offers detox water and juice recipes. In turn, they help boost the immune system, helps the digestive system, removes toxins, and enhances weight loss. Contact her on:

    Iron Gear Fitness

    Interestingly, Iron Gear Fitness is your one-stop solution for ideal fitness clothing. They offer sturdy joggers to fitness hijabs, tights for both men and women, and more. You can also find stretchable tops, t-shirts, compression leggings, muscle tank tops and so much more.

    Karam Akhtar

    Karam Akhtar is not only the most knowledgeable trainers in the fitness industry, but he’s also the most motivating and encouraging. Moreover, he is a cofounder at Alphalate fitness Pk. He loves giving out amazing diet tips, easy recipes, and fitness tips. Simply watching his ripped body gives enough motivation to the viewer to start his journey.

    Socrates Harris

    Harris shares a mixture of helpful fitness content along with his perfect pictures showcasing his physique, muscles, and his ripped body. This fitness model inspires millions of fans to help his followers develop a better relationship with exercise and dieting.

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