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    Top 10 Pakistani Songs for Weddings

    Wedding after wedding, a few popular tunes always make it to the final chart. Since Pakistani weddings are an elaborate affair, are glamorous, and totally fun-filled, hence anything less than an upbeat ‘Dhol’ playing in the background is not justified.

    Moreover, Pakistani wedding songs are such a ‘mood’. From the ‘bride’s entry songs’ to party anthems, from special classics straight to dhamakedaar Dhol beats; this list of recurrent favorites will bring everyone on the dance floor within minutes.

    Don’t know which Pakistani songs to rock to on your wedding? Here’s our roundup of the top 10 Pakistani Mehndi perfect tunes you simply can’t miss.

    Traditional Mehndi Songs

    Zara Dholki Bajao Goriyo

    Adnan Sami was a legendary singer and his song ‘Zara Dholki Bajao Goriyo’ from the feature film Sargam 1995 was a super hit. Not only is it Mehndi perfect but the melody is super catchy too.

    While it is an old song, nonetheless whenever it plays, it seems perfect for all times.

    Mehndi ni Mehndi

    A super traditional song sung by Noor Jehan and later by Mussara Nazir is the sound station for Mehndi or Dholki event. The lyrics ‘Mehndi ni Mehndi’ depict the accuracy of the event. Moreover, this song has evolved into many modern versions with remixes and mash-ups too.

    Nach Punjaban

    Abrar ul Haq is the most popular Pakistani rock star who always brings something exciting to the table. Nach Punjaban is one of many super-hit songs the fans went ‘Gaga’ over.

    Nach Punjaban has an awesome beat; the music structure is party perfect and the lyrics and pretty cool too. Moreover, since Abrar Ul Haq is flawless with his Punjabi, his Punjabi songs outshine all others.

    Modern Energetic Songs

    Aya Lariye

    The peppy track is the perfect track to get you on the dance floor. Interestingly, this song is ideal for ‘jugal bandi’ between the groom’s side and the bride’s side.

    Aya Lariye will have you getting all the crowd together at your wedding for the perfect dance party you have been waiting for.

    Moreover, the video of this song from the feature film ‘Jawani Phir Nahi Ani 2’ has pretty cool moves you can effortlessly copy. Hence, download this track, practice the moves and go show off your amazing skills on the dance floor.

    Haaye Dil Bichara

    This super colorful Urdu track is a full package when it comes to coolness, elegance, classy music and catchy lyrics. It is subtle, engaging and totally worth the listen.

    Haaye Dil Bichara picked on really quickly in Pakistan because the featured dance moves in the feature film were a club spin. Hence, if you are looking for the perfect song to dance with your gang, nothing beats this track.

    Ballay Ballay

    Ballay Ballay gained the spotlight instantly when it came out. Moreover, the movie itself was a treat to watch.

    Mahira Khan stunned us all by featuring her dance moves in this song. Ballay Ballay makes you swing in all directions on the dance floor in awesome desi moves. This definitely makes a way in our list because it rocks you, shocks you, all in the best way.

    So if you want to prepare a desi track with your home girls, this is the one.

    Shakar Wandaan Re

    This groovy hit speaks for itself. Shakar Wandaan Re means ‘Distributing Sweets’ in the honor of the celebrations of a wedding.

    Sung wonderfully and powerfully by Asrar Shah, this Punjabi track brings all the boy of the yard right on the dance floor. It is easy, breezy, and the harmonium just adds to the ambiance. Take the center stage with Shakar Wadaan Re because trust me, you will love it.

    Kadi te Hans Bol

    Another oldie but remixed into a masterpiece, Kadi Te Hans Bol is the new pop trouble-maker when it comes to wedding parties. Additionally, sung awesomely by Atif Aslam foe Velo Studio Station, this track won all the hearts with one listen. More so, Atif Aslam has never disappointed right? How could he not rock this track!

    Atif Aslam brought his versatile vocals for the upbeat theme of the song. Hence, bring this party anthem to life because it is a complete joy for all wedding occasions.


    Another oldie remixed into a pop-rock dream, Gagar is simply out of this world. Again, Umair Jaswal brought his A-game with his unique vocals and blew life into the song.

    Moreover, the incredible Pakistani blogger, Waliya Najib showcased her dance moves alongside her husband on this song and it was nothing but victory. The beat is great, the lyrics are catchy and the whole song makes your feet tap right away.

    Gagar is an energetic groom’s side song. So if your brother or home boy is getting hitched, it’s the perfect time to wow him with this crowd-pleaser.

    Desi Thumka

    Desi Thumka came out in 2013, sung by Noman Khalid. This song played over and over in everyone’s car, in everyone’s house, at every wedding and I can’t say much has changed.

    This track captures the essence of desi culture, social media as well as admires girls in a very nice way. More so, it is so cheerful that all dance moves compliment the track if they are upbeat too. Indeed, it brings out the ‘Bhangra’ from within and makes you dance to the core.

    What is your favorite Pakistani song for weddings?


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