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    Pakistani Startups that Proved their Mettle

    The Start-Up Culture

    Start-ups have served to singularly direct the enthusiasm of Pakistani youth which has had a huge positive impact in the lives of many.

    It has changed the conventional method of thinking of parhai and kamai, and has opened the eyes of the masses leading them to acknowledge the many diverse venues available for making a life of your own; gaining financial independence and thereby achieving the end-goal of every Pakistani: shaadi!

    As a country too, the growth of start-ups signals economic growth for the country as a whole. According to estimates, start-ups and incubation centers are projected to receive funds from private equity funds and companies worth Rs. 5 billion.

    Start-ups Worth Mentioning

    Warda Qutub Khan

    The brand of gorgeous bridal, formal and semi-formal wear was initiated by Sidra, the elder sister and was formerly known as SQS (Sidra Qutub Sarfaraz). After she married and moved away, the younger sister with impeccable taste, Warda took over.

    Starting in the basement of her father’s residence in F-10 Islamabad, the brand has now achieved significant recognition for its originality and tasteful clothing designs.

    Not only that, but her designs are flawlessly crafted using the best quality materials – perhaps better than many high-end counterparts.

    The most appealing aspect of the entire experience of shopping with her is the fact that she involves her customers in the entire process and openly accepts suggestions for any alterations that the clients may have in their minds. Definitely a winner!

    Scoop O Scrub

    Scoop O Scrub is an all-natural skincare brand. It was started by Areej Jiwani when she was merely 20 years old who was juggling her studies and managing her business simultaneously.

    The brand so to say, initialted in an innocent fashion when a member of a public forum inquired about a kind of scrub and Areej sweetly offered to let her try it out for free. Later this scrub, called Sugar Coated, became one of her best sellers.

    With encouragement from her first “client” she launched her brand.

    She progressed from there to introduce hand, foot and lip scrubs and these too received nothing but praise from clients who were impressed by the quality, affordability as well as the satisfaction of knowing everything going on to their body was pure and natural!

    Do check her out!

    Burger X

    Burger X began recently with a simple menu of the all-time favorite fast food of Pakistanis: Burgers!

    Their scrumptious burgers however, quickly carved out a strong niche in an already saturated market. With mouthwatering flavors and juicy beef and chicken patties, these burgers take the trophy by a margin!

    Furthermore, by ensuring good as well as ample quality along with affordability – I dare say it’s here to stay!

    Soul Sisters Pakistan

    Perhaps a large number of you are already familiar with this group. It was formed with the intention of creating a forum where females receive a strong support system and are able to discuss their matters without fear of reprisal with others.

    This turned out to be a huge help for many. What was extremely more helpful was the fact that moderators are ever present to post queries as anonymous, further protecting the identity of people involved.

    It is a beautiful community where females come together as a strong group, supporting and  uplifting each other. No judgement here!

    What’a Paratha

    Well, what can I say? Us Pakistanis – we love our food!

    What’s a Paratha is an inspirational startup that has done very well for itself. An innovative menu boasting mouth-watering options for breakfast, lunch, dinner or just about any time in the day, you can effortlessly say it has captivated a strong and loyal customer base.

    The entrepreneurs have created a unique blend of desi and western cuisines by converting the most prefered flavors in the shape of non-oily parathas! For our international friends, let’s call it pancakes! If you haven’t had the pleasure of munchin’ on these, TRY Today!


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