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    Common Desi Slangs All Pakistanis Swear By

    Desi slangs bring color to our National Language (Urdu). Significantly, slangs are a part of our daily vocabulary, mostly spoken by the younger crowd. Do you have a hard time understanding Pakistanis when you visit? You are not alone.

    Interestingly, slang enhances communication and gets the point across without using too many phrases. While some are offensive and derogatory, today, we will only highlight the lighter side of commonly used slang words and phrases in Pakistan.

    Here is a subversion of the standard variety of slang you will definitely come across in Pakistan.

    Scene On Hai

    This has to be the most commonly used slang in Pakistan for centuries. ‘Scene On Hai’, in particular means that the plan is solidified. However, it is an expression of excitement when friends are ready to party.

    On the other hand, this exact same slang also refers to two people when they start dating. Friends usually point them out from the crowd and say ‘Scene on hai’, suggesting that their romantic relationship is on point and known to others too.
     Chill Maro
    Ever heard the expression ‘take a chill pill’? Chill Maro is the Pakistani version of the same. Basically, it implies that a certain person needs to relax and calm down.

    While young boys use this slang to usually stop a fight or an argument, girls use it to tell their friends to relax if they are stressed or are frustrated.

    Miss Karao/ Thud Karao/ Tuk Karao

    Do you also know somebody who is a misfit in your group of friends? If yes, Miss Karao is the best term to use among friends suggesting you need to ‘Ditch or Leave’ that person out.

    Also, if you want to ditch an idea or are not comfortable with it, you can simply say ‘Thud Karao or Miss Karao’ to tell the other person you are dissatisfied with the idea. This slang is for people, products, or ideas.

    Burger Bacha

    Well, innocent people are everywhere but Burger Bacha is one who is shy, innocent, cannot take a risk and is too nerdy. On the other hand, it is also an Urdu adaption of ‘Wannabe’s.

    If someone calls you a Burger Bacha, you better change your lifestyle immediately.

    Chuss Marna

    This expression is popular among friends. Chuss Marna is simply spoken when someone says something stupid, juvenile, irrelevant, or silly. Boys love using this slang for friends who correspond with a phrase that does not make sense or is not accepted by the rest of the crowd.

    Meter Ghoom Gaya Hai

    Ever felt too angry but didn’t know what to say? Meter Ghoom Gaya hai is the ideal slang to use! This expression shows you are angry, and have reached your boiling point.

    Screw Dheela Hai

    If you have a tendency to act crazy or silly, people will say ‘Iska Screw Dheela Hai’. This actually means, ‘This person is crazy! We hypothetically think that the brain has screws, and Dheela means loose. So when someone acts Loco, people say his screw is loose.

    Jugaarh Lagana

    We all look for effortless solutions by hook or by crook once in a while. Interestingly, Jugaarh Lagana is exactly the same. If you get caught in an unpleasant situation when you need to fix something immediately, you say ‘Jugaarh Lagana parey ga’

    Syaapa Pae Gaya

    Every family goes through trouble. When a few family members complicate things that cause trouble, Punjabis say ‘Syaapa Pae Gaya’. This means, ‘A mess is created’ and that things are getting out of hand.

    Patli Gali se Niklo

    Do you also love not being part of a feud? Well, Patli Gali se Nikalna means exactly the same. If you want to take a shortcut and bypass the trouble, simply take the short route out of trouble. Patli means thin and Gali means street. Hence, altogether it means, take the next thin street to stay out of trouble!

    Durr Fiteh Muh

    This one is a derogatory comment but Punjabi Aunties use it a lot and do not literally mean the exact translation of it. When translated, it means ‘ May your face be black with smoke’. Well, it is basically a Face-palm for Pakistanis but in a much ruder way.

    Vaari Javaan

    Vaari Javaan is an adorable slang used to show you love someone or someone’s look so much. We use it to indicate extreme happy emotions such as love, fealty, and devotion towards someone special.

    Moreover, Aunties or older ladies from the crowd love rotating and curling their palms next to their ears while using this slang. It sounds weird when you put it in words!

    Bachi Set Karna

    Does your friend want to ask someone out? If yes, tell him ke tum ‘Bachi Set Karlo’. This phrase refers to a boy sealing the deal with a girl or when he is hooking up.


    Well, in literal terms, Chamcha is a spoon in Urdu. However, when used as slang, it means ‘teacher’s pet’. You can also say ‘Mama ka Chamcha or Dadi ka Chamcha’. Basically, when someone is too attached to the other person, you call him a chamcha of the other person.


    Again, Dhakan in literal terms means a bottle’s cap. Nonetheless, this word is used for a person who is dumb and cannot comprehend common situations. If your little brother does not understand his math lesson, you can call him a dhakan!

    Dasti Kaam Karna

    Ooh, are you ever in a hurry? If you want to get something done at the speed of light, you should do it ‘Dasti’, meaning immediately. Moreover, if you want another person to do something swiftly, you can say, ‘Dasti Karo’.

    Anni Machana

    Anni Machadi is the Urdu slang for Epic. If something or someone is too extraordinary or brilliant, Anni Machadi is the right slang to use at that time.

    Abey Wah!

    A special common for Karachiities (people from Karachi), Abey is a word you will probably hear 100 times a day. Abey can be used with any word like Wah, Abey Kyun, Abey Larkay, or can be used on its own too.

    Abey basically means ‘Hey you’ or ‘You there’ and people from Karachi use it nonstop.

    Kya Baat hai Yaar

    If something is spectacular or better than your expectations, you can say ‘Kya baat hai yaar’

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