Saturday, June 10, 2023

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    8 reasons why you should start cycling like the rest of Lahore

    The novel coronavirus or COVID-19 has had a crucial impact on professional cycling all around the world. On the other hand, Lahore cycling has been thriving since! We can witness more cyclists on the road as the days pass.

    Apparently, cycling is a perfect way to incorporate low impact exercise in your daily routine. Having fun is a bonus no one wants to miss out on. Amateurs, professionals, young and old; everyone can be seen on-road cycling.

    If you haven’t given thought to cycling before, here are some reasons why you should.

    Lahore Cycling is Refreshing and Energizing

    With less traffic because of the COVID-19 lockdown, you will see the roads in Lahore are empty. Additionally, all the trees and plants are greener and so eye-catching. Unlike ever before!

    One reason why Lahore cycling is so relaxing and refreshing right now is because you can enjoy the natural beauty of the city. In fact, even the sky looks clearer, bluer and brighter since there is minimal air pollution. As for noise pollution, it is also at the lower end, making cycling truly worth it.

    Meeting friends while social distancing

    Who said you can’t meet your loved ones from a safe distance? Everyone misses hanging out, eating together, and being a part of a happening social calendar. For this reason, cycling is the best hang-out idea in times like these. Lahoris get together at a public spot and cycle together while chatting and catching up. However, wearing face masks is a must. And honestly, every cyclist wears one along with safety gear such as helmets, knee pads, and gloves for a secure trip around the block.

    Are you missing your best friend too? Plan a cycling trip together.

    Improves mental health

    Since cycling links together viewing a different environment and exercising, it automatically improves your mental well-being. Moreover, a study by YMCA revealed that people who chose physical activities as opposed to people who didn’t have 32% higher wellbeing scores.

    Adrenalin and endorphins are released in our body after cycling. Consequently, making us happy, and this is one reason why all Lahoris are on the road riding their cool bikes. If you feel low and depressed, pick up your bicycle, wear safety gear and head out. Trust me; you will have loads of fun!

    Easy weight loss

    Who doesn’t want to lose the extra pounds and look fabulous? Believe it or not, cycling promotes a healthy and systematic weight loss. Additionally, Lahore cycling can help you burn from 400-1000 calories within an hour. How cool is that?

    What a fun way to lose weight, eh? Enjoy cycling around M.m Alam road, Gulberg and Defence and simultaneously lose weight effortlessly. While some cyclists are seen riding solo due to the current sad situation, the truth is that I’ve also seen people ride in groups. Whatever rocks your boat, choose either and go cycling!

    Builds Strength and Endurance

    Improving aerobic fitness by miles, cycling is an ideal full body workout for everyone. Moreover, cycling builds muscle strength, muscle tissue and endurance levels. The more you cycle, the higher the endurance levels will be.

    While cycling will tighten your muscles and strengthen them, your fat loss will become inevitable and easy. Flaunt your biceps and abs after a few months!

    Lahore cycling is undoubtedly increasing everyone’s endurance levels. Why I say this? Simply because I witness the same people, and more riding bicycles in all corners of the city.

    Hello Stamina!

    Did you know people who ride bikes are exposed to dangerous fumes less than the people who opt for cars and jeeps? Interestingly, since cycling requires you to exert energy, you obviously breathe at a higher rate. Consequently, allowing more oxygen to enter your lungs and day by day, increase your stamina.

    Sitting idle at home or just moving up and down the stairs is not enough to challenge your stamina level. Human bodies are designed to move around and be physically active. Cycling aids exactly that!

    Adventure at your disposal!

    Live dangerously! For instance, take Irtaza Qadeer’s story into account. In 2017, a BNU journalism student cycled from Lahore to Islamabad. Afterwards, he chose the same means of transportation to head to Karachi. He completed his fun journey in only 14 days. This is the kind of cycling adventure I’m totally in for.

    Girls can partake too!

    In a male chauvinist country, women often forego simple pleasures in life such as playing cricket in public, dancing, or even cycling. However, with the increasing exposure and leniency in the coming generations, today, girls can enjoy cycling as much as boys.

    I see cute couples with matching outfits cycling in our colony. Just seeing them smile from afar is so satisfactory. Additionally, I see groups of young girls cycling near the parks while their mothers supervise. It is nice to see this change in our society.

    Perk up your navigation skills

    I am basically from Islamabad and shifting to Lahore made me realize memorizing routes is not so easy. For this purpose, I started driving around the city, and today, I am okayish when it comes to reaching a destination. Hence, you can well imagine how cycling can improve your navigational skills!

    With Google maps available, no one has enough incentive to explore places on their own. Also, no one has so much free time. Nonetheless, try taking new routes, see new places, and feel the amazing sense of achievement. After all, we all have time on our hands. It’s the small things that matter!

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