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    7 Stunning Mosques in Pakistan you should definitely visit

    Pakistan is home to the most beautiful and grand mosques. Interestingly, some of them date back to the 17th century. Not only are they significant monuments of national importance, but are also tourist favorite attractions.

    Indeed, these sacred hubs pay homage to Pakistan’s deep routed traditions, culture and colorful history.

    From the ancient beauty and grandness of Wazir Khan in Lahore to the modern structure of the Faisal Mosque in Islamabad, here are the top 7 beautiful mosques in Pakistan you should definitely visit.

    Faisal Mosque – Islamabad

    The Faisal Mosque in Islamabad has a unique aura. The stunning modern structure inspired by Bedouin Tents is like none other. Interestingly, Faisal Mosque is the 5th largest mosque in the world and the largest in South Asia.

    The site was approved by the late president of Pakistan, Marshal Ayub Khan. It is located at the city’s main approach, Shahrah-e-Faisal. Moreover, the Margalla hills create the perfect backdrop for the mosque, showcasing the mountains and the mosque’s structure incredibly.

    The crown of Islamabad dates back to 1976 and it was designed by the Turkish architect Vedat Dalokay. He was selected to design it after an international competition. Moreover, a $28 million grant from Saudi King Faisal was given and hence, the mosque bears his name.

    Interestingly, the architect captured the spirit, geometry and proportion of the Kaaba abstractly to design this beauty. Instead of using traditional domes, Vedat Dalokay used an eight sided main hall to attract the people.

    The grand mosque features a wonderful religious library, a huge lecture hall, a museum, and a café.

    If you haven’t visited Faisal mosque yet, you should definitely put it on your list.

    Badshahi Mosque – Lahore

    This Mughal Era mosque in Lahore is considered the most iconic site of the city. The Badshahi Mosque was constructed by the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb in 1671.

    Indeed, the mosque showcases beautiful Mughal architecture, all in carved red sandstone and marble inlay. However, the beautiful white marble domes showcase the perfect contrast to the red. The detailed work on the walls is eye-catching and super gorgeous.

    The Badshahi mosque is the 2nd largest mosque in Pakistan and is a grand tourist attraction. Apart from that, the locals do their Nikkah ceremony at the mosque while Friday congregational prayers are a sight for sore eyes.

    Above all, the mosque lays on 26,000 sq m and can easily accommodate 95,000 people.

    Princess Diana, visited the Badshahi Mosque in 1991 and Prince William and Kate, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, paid a visit during their tour in 2019 too.

    Wazir Khan Mosque- Lahore

    Sadly, Wazir Khan Mosque is located among the busy streets of old Lahore and is pretty far away from the main city. However, this mosque pretty and eye-catching mosque in Pakistan.

    Indeed, it dates back to the 17th century. The Mughal emperor Shah Jahan commissioned the project. Apparently, the construction of the mosque began in 1634 and it eventually finished in 1641. The long construction timeline reflects the detailed and ornately designed structure.

    The walls, the domes, the outer corners, and the insides; everything is artistically and colorfully designed. Interestingly, all the exterior and interior walls are covered in thousands of tiny tiles in a mosaic pattern. All the colors come together and reflect brightly when the sunlight touches them.

    Moreover, you can also spot poetry from the Holy Quran in the form of verses, beautifully written on the walls.

    Shah Jahan Mosque – Thatha

    If you love colors, mosaic patterns and historic art, this mosque is the perfect spot for you. The Shah Jahan mosque in Thatta, Sindh also dates back to the 17th century.

    Legend reveals this beautiful mosque was gifted by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan to the locals as a gesture of appreciation for their hospitality. Again, it was built during the emperor’s reign. This mosque is inspired by the central asian architecture.


    This gorgeous mosque is made from red baked bricks and is aesthetically covered in blue tiles. The white marble domes neutralize the bright colors. Equally important, the mosque is famous for its 93 domes that give off a bluish-white color due to their mosaic art.

    Masjid e Tooba – Karachi

    Located in Korangi district in Karachi, Sindh, Tooba Masjid is another iconic tourist attraction in the city. This singly domed, pure white marble mosque looks vast, clean, pure and different from all others in Pakistan.

    Interestingly the locals refer to it as the Gol masjid. Morover, you will see the locals get together for casual chats, photography, or for picnics as soon as the evening hits and the temperatures drop. They all usually gather around the fountains and other water hubs the mosque offers.

    This mosque is not as large as the rest in Pakistan. The main hall can only hold up to 5000 people.

    Bhong Mosque – Rahim Yar Khan

    The famous Bhong mosque 50 kilometers southwest of Rahim Yar Khan, Punjab province has to be one of the most decorated, colorful and nicely designed mosques. This is not as large as the others. However, this mosque was built over a period of 50 years! It began in 1932 and the construction ended in 1982. Architects and artists from Multan, Karachi, and Rajhastan gathered to create this beauty.

    Apparently, as the legend reveals, whenever the project would stop in between the process, someone close to the project died mysteriously! That answers the long timeline of the project.

    Tthis mosque won the Aga Khan Award for Architecture in 1986 because of its beautiful design. This architecture marvel is visually stunning. The pictures alone make you want to visit it.

    The mosque is pastel blue, silver, candy-floss pink, and bright yellow. The tiled artwork, mirror work on the walls, wooden work on the door frames are all incredible. Moreover, you can also spot Quranic verses calligraphy.

    Moreover, very less Pakistani people know about this mosque as opposed to other famous mosques. The people who have an interest in Islamic architecture or Seraiki folk culture love this.

    Grand Jamia Mosque – Lahore

    The Grand Jamia Mosque in Bahria Town Lahore is new to the scene. It came into existence in 2014 but instantly joined the list of the most beautiful mosques in Pakistan.

    Nayyar Ali Dada designed it keeping cultural and artistic aesthetics from other renowned mosques in mind. However, since it is new, it is hence modern and has the latest technological facilities for all the local worshippers.

    The 4 million hand-crafted tiles cover the exterior of the mosque while the interior showcases 50 gorgeous chandeliers imported from Iran and out-of-this-world Turkish carpets.  

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