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    5 Best Pakistani Books that are world renowned and totally loved!

    Many renowned Pakistani novelists and writers have contributed to the rich Urdu and English literature of the country. Many writers have given us immortal novels which will stay with us throughout our lives and for those who have not read them yet, they are definitely missing out on a lot in life!

    We went through a few Pakistani novels that are incredibly famous and well renowned all over the world and we have listed them here for you.

    If, in case, you missed out on any of these, it is about time that you pick these and put don’t put them down until you are done reading!

    Aangan By Khadija Mastoor

    Aangan is a marvel written by novelist Khadija Mastoor. It showcases a story of a family which went from rich fortune to rags due to a political upheaval in the subcontinent. 

    It is a historical narrative which exhibits different political views through characters of different mindsets and upbringing.

    Khadija Mastoor has beautifully woven all her characters together into a perfect outcome. Her use of Urdu similes and metaphors act like the cherry on top of a cake and brings together the essence and beauty of Urdu literature.

    Recently, this novel was being showcased as a drama serial on Hum.Tv and this proves that this story really is immortal!

    My Feudal Lord By Tehmina Durrani

    This book by Tehmina Durrani shook the entire Pakistani society and made it question its values and traditions. Tehmina Durrani was an elite, unmarried Lahori girl. 

    She belonged to a family of the highest ranks, therefore she was expected to marry and cater to an elite and respectable Muslim man.

    Nevertheless, her marriage to a politician ended in vain leaving Tehmina alienated by her friends and family. 

    Her book revolves around the story of her life and the different factors which make it impossible for Muslim women to live a content life with the different societal pressures around them.

    Burnt Shadows by Kamila Shamsie

    This book, penned down by Kamila Shamsie is truly a wonder! It is her fifth book and it is so captivating in its literature and words that you won’t be able to put it down once you pick it up… And you definitely will not be able to forget about it!

    It takes you from 1945 till today on a journey through continents. It walks you through the issues of nationality, colonialism, terrorism and prejudice. 

    It talks about the lives of real people who went through hell in order to claim their social standing on earth!

    Peer e Kamil By Umera Ahmed

    Peer e Kamil or the Perfect Mentor is one of Umera Ahmed’s masterpieces. It is a story of a journey between two people who coincidentally crossed each other’s paths. 

    Imama Hashim, an Ahmadi girl from a stable family and Salaar Sikander who has an outstanding IQ are the two protagonists of this story.

    The story revolves around their questions about life and their evolving beliefs while they fall in love. This is a book intertwined between love and spiritual awakening which leaves a unique footprint on every reader’s heart.

    So in order to know what you take away from this excellent piece, look for it and start reading it today!

    Jannat ke Pattay by Nemrah Ahmed

    Jannat ke Pattay is a unique book written by the renowned Novelist Nemrah Ahmed.

    This book covers a range of genres from mystery, travel to love story. It also takes you through a beautiful tour of Turkey via words which will definitely want you to visit the country as soon as possible.

    It revolves around the story of a Pakistani girl who studies in Turkey and faces various hurdles there. This is an intriguing book which will definitely prove all your predictions wrong and make you question the next plot!

    Let us know your favourite in the comments below!


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