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    10 Sad Songs of the Queen of Melody: Noor Jehan

    Noor Jehan, the late Queen of Melody has more no.1 hits than most artists could ever dream of charting. Noor Jehan’s unparalleled place in Pakistani music history deserves a tribute. Not only was she awarded with the title ‘Malika-e-Tarannum’ but she was a dedicated playback singer initially for British India, and later for the Pakistani Cinema.

    Interestingly, she alongside Ahmed Rushdi holds the record-breaking song numbers, estimated at 20,000 for more than 40 films in her entire career. Moreover, she held the largest voice in all of South Asia during her best times.

    Remembering Noor Jehan

    Noor Jehan was born in 1926, on 21st of September. Not many of you know, but she was born to an underprivileged musician named Madad Ali in Kasur.

    Significantly, when the baby’s aunt arrived to congratulate the father, she exclaimed how she will alter the family’s fortunes because she is a gifted singer. Why do you ask? She mentioned that Noor Jehan cried in tune from the start!

    Not long after, Noor Jehan began showing interest in music and became a trained singer at the age of 6. She was introduced to the stage for singing at the age of 9 in Lahore and there was no stopping now.

    The legend of melody ruled the hearts of all her listeners then and her voice is still fresh and equally melodious today.

    Rating Noor Jehan’s Top 10 Songs

    If you ask me to pick out the top 10 hits from 20,000 songs, I am simply at a loss. Indeed, she sang all her songs with passion and pathos and each one of them has an aura of its own.

    Nonetheless, if you want to cherish her greatest hits, here are the top 10 songs you must listen to.

    Chandni Ratein

    An incredible song came into production for the feature film Dupatta in 1952. It was composed by Feroz Nizami and it was written by Mushir Kazmi.

    Moreover, arguably, this song has to be the most iconic by Noor Jehan. It was immediately loved by her fans and interestingly, people love this song more than 70 years later too.

    The story behind making this song is very entertaining. The director, Ali Sibtain Fazli gave the lyricist an ultimatum to come up with a groundbreaking song unless he wanted to pack his bags to head home.

    Mushir Kazmi went on the rooftop of the production house to lay down on his ‘charpoy’ gazing at the stars and enjoying the hustle of the city. Indeed, he cursed his luck due to feeling stressed and unable to produce something unique.

    He also mentioned how peaceful the city sounded, people tucked in their beds, no one of the streets or rooftops but him. That’s when the magic happened.

    “Sab jag soye hum jagein, taaron se karain batain,

    Chandni raatein, Chandni raatein”

    His words touched his mouth, he penned them down and the song became marvel!

    Jawan Hai Mohabbat

    Jawan Hai Mohabbat stands as one of the greatest hits by Noor Jehan. Additionally, not only is the tune totally hip and upbeat but it is so catchy and romantic too.

    Check it out.

    Kehndey Ne Naina

    If you crave listening to a heart-touching song full of deep lyrics, this song is for you. Interestingly, Noor Jehan mastered her vocals by the time she sang this one, so this is one mature song you shouldn’t miss.

    Dil E Nadan Tujhe Kya Hua Hai

    This Ghazal for the feature film Mirza Ghalib was released in 1954.

    Ja Ja We Tenu Dil Ditta

    An extremely soul extracting song, Ja Ja We Tenu Dil Ditta belongs to the album Sayonee Mera Mahi. Noor Jehan sang it beautifully in Punjabi and this song immediately gained the spotlight.

    Sadaa Hun Apney Pyar Ki

    This song was released in 1957 for the feature film Anarkali. Indeed, this is one of the most beautiful songs in history. It is sweet, romantic, and extremely heart-touching.

    You can effortlessly hear Noor Jehan’s adolescent voice in the song and they are so cute.

    Tere Dar Par Sanam Chaley Aye

    A year later in 1958, Noor Jehan produced this incredible song named Tere Dar Par Sanam Chaley Aye for the film Neend.

    This song is a message for her better half, stating how she made the first move because the man didn’t come to her. Moreover, the poetic format of this song is also awesome.

    Zamaney Ki Nazron Mein

    Another iconic song, Zamaney ki Nazron Mein is super heart-touching and gives off an interesting message.

    Woh Mera Na Ho Saka

    This song was composed for the Pakistani film Azmat in 1973. More importantly, this is another sad song Noor Jehan mastered and you can feel the pain in her voice from the 1st second of the song.

    Jia re Tarse

    The best female playback singer mastered Jia Re Tarse beautifully. Moreover, Rasheed Attre composed it nicely too. Moreover, this song was the ideal pop of its time.

    Interestingly, this song was filmed outside Muhammad Ali’s Mahal.

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