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    10 interesting food facts you will never believe!

    While some people claim that human existence is dependent on love and care, others put it more bluntly and give all the credit to ‘oxygen’. However, I believe that the real fuel for human survival is ‘FOOD’. Yes. Scrumptious food!

    Interestingly, we all gulp down heaps of food every day. However, how much do we really know about them? We have gathered the most unbelievable facts about food from around the world. Hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did compiling them!

    #1 Margherita pizza was named after a Queen!

    Believe it not, the tasty cheesy Margherita pizza was named after the Queen of Savoy, Italy (1878-1900). Why this pizza, you ask? Well, the chef was supposed to bake a pizza which mimicked the colors of the Italian flag (red, white and green). Hence, the pizza has just tomatoes, cheese, and basil leaves. I love it. Do you?

    #2 Bananas belong to the ‘Berry’ group

    Surprisingly, bananas are a part of the berry group. Who knew that! Apparently, since bananas meet all the botanical requirements of being a berry, they are hence put in this group. In fact, other fruits in the berry group include cucumbers and kiwis as well.

    # 3 Pistachios are combustible

    Pistachios are combustible. The oily fibrous content in pistachios can start a fire. Hence, the next time your BBQ grill doesn’t pick up fire quickly; you know exactly what to pour in for effortless flames!

    #4 How Sandwiches were invented

    Did you know a gambling addict invented sandwiches? Clearly, due to his 24/7 gambling addiction, John Motagu came up with the idea of eating proper meals in the shape of sandwiches. In short, he invented it because he just couldn’t leave the table to have food!

    #5 Nutella is a privilege

    Interestingly, you all might love Nutella just like me and maybe even eat it raw spoon after spoon. However, you should know that Nutella is made up of 25% of the whole world’s hazelnuts! Wait, what? Hazelnut shortage is such that they are being grown in labs to keep up with the numbers.

    #6 The Popsicle Accident

    Apparently, Popsicle was once called ‘epsicle’. When an 11 year old boy named Frank Epperson left a ‘soda water concoction’ outside, overnight, his mixture froze and he found a new treat.

    Moreover, the name popsicle came into being when kids started calling it ‘Pop’s sicle’.

    #7 Potatoes and WIFI

    Surprisingly, potatoes can absorb WIFI signals. Back in 2012, Boeing Co used a sack of potatoes instead of humans to conduct a WIFI experiment. Luckily, it worked. Want a stronger WIFI signal, sit next to potatoes!

    #8 Oh Honey!

    Finally, the sweetest item on our list! Apparently, honey has a very low moisture level as it is acidic. Hence, honey never expires. Simply store it in an airtight jar or bottle and enjoy it for the rest of your life.

    #9 Tomatoes were once considered poisonous

    In sum, tomatoes were once known as ‘poison apples’! Since aristocrats died after eating them, everyone detested them in the 18th century. Significantly, little did they know that the tableware was to blame. Not the supple tomatoes!

    #10 Chocolate money anyone?

    Chocolate was once used as currency! How cool is that? Back in the 1500’s, the Aztecs traded with Mayans using cocoa beans as a form of money. Mmm.. who wants to time travel and become super rich!!!

    So here were some very interesting food facts for you all. Which one was the most unbelievable for you?

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