Windows has plans to take the education market within it’s grip with the new Windows 10 S operating system. There have been tons of rumours about the new OS, and just like so many things in the tech industry, very few actually know what the OS is all about. We try to remove a few misconceptions about Window’s latest offering.

What it is and What is isn’t

As much as Apple fanboys would like to believe it, 10 S is not really a super light version of Windows 10. Sure, it takes less disk space and works faster then it’s predecessor, but that’s ultimately because Windows has dropped support for third party apps that are not available in it’s licensed Windows App Store. What does that mean? Basically, in the true spirit of the iOS App Store, you can only run apps directly from the App Store. Anything else is forbidden territory.

The apps thatĀ areĀ available in the Windows Store, however, work entirely like before. While the number of apps may be limited, a lot of essentials are coming to the Window 10 S, including what many expect to be the Google Chromebook killer: Microsoft Office. Yes, this app and it’s prevalence single handily makes Windows relevant in so many spheres across the world and this is expected to be no different.

This should help Windows 10 S plant it’s feet into the education market quite firmly

Should you be interested?

Yes – and no. No if you have very little interest in the Windows ecosystem beyond what you already own. This is especially true if your operating system needs are a bit unconventional.

However, Windows 10 S should interest anyone who is looking for a cheap device as an alternative to Google Chrome. A decent Google Chromebook sets you back 230-280 USD and Windows 10 S shouldn’t be too different. For those not in the mood for new devices, you can get Windows 10 S for just under 50 dollars, or free if you are a student.

The price models and availability in Pakistan is not clear at the moment, but expect Windows 10 S to be a viable option when your laptop breaks down, you are out of budget and your Aunt happens to be coming from the states. You know what I mean.


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