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    Totally cool products from around the globe now available in Pakistan

    It is inevitable for so many cool inventions to pop up with the help of advancement in technology day by day. The advents of new-fangled inventions are sometimes so mesmerizing as to doing anything else rather than adding them in the wish-list becomes completely necessary!

    However, most of the amazing products which circulate the internet are manufactured abroad. Unless you have a caring Khala who resides abroad and can help tick off items from your wishlist on her next visit to Pakistan, glaring at the cool pictures and reading raving reviews are all you can do!

    Interestingly, Pakistan has found the means to bring a few unique items for its beautiful citizens from all around the globe. Believe me when I state that you might not have even heard of some of these mind boggling products!

    Wana know what they are? Here’s a compilation of the coolest products now available in Pakistan.

    Key Locater

    Do you also sometimes have a short-term-memory-loss when it comes to locating your car keys? Safely placing the keys somewhere, only to forget the spot later is the worst nightmare all of us have had at some point in life…but not anymore!

    ‘Key Finder Anti-Lost GPS Tracker Child Wallet Bags Locator’ is available at and costs no more than rs650. The compact structure of the device is perfectly portable.

    And guess what? It supports voice recognition, can be connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth and it comes in so many attractive colors!

    You can attach this device to your bag, keys, wallet and even on toddlers!!!

    Pain Relieving Socks

    ‘Zip Sox’ soothers are technologically manufactured compression socks which are ideal for relieving aches and pain in feet instantly. They are perfect for elders who often undergo swollen feet syndrome as well as for professional athletes who want to improve blood circulation after a tough game.

    Find them easily at or at

    Cost:  Between rs600-800

    Motion Detecting Baby-room Camera

    Easily available at for only rs 6000, Wyze Labs Wyze Cam v2 HD Smart Home Camera is the perfect item you need to install in your house!

    With features such as 1080p HD video, 8x sharp zoom, night vision, 3 axis design and the option of live streaming through a smart-phone app, what more could one ask for?

    This camera can also detect motion. How cool is that.

    Amazing Display in Cars

    The main reason for car accidents is ignorance of the driver due to taking eyes off of the road.

    While some accidents happen because of phone calls, others happen because the driver gets distracted.

    Nonetheless, the best way to avoid accidents is to get an Inch Head Up Display OBD II HUD for your car.

    This futuristic gadget is now available on various Pakistani online stores and is obviously the talk of the town!

    This device allows you to completely keep your eyes on the road as it displays the following on your windshield:

    ·         Speed

    ·          Per hundred KMs average fuel consumption

    ·         Voltage

    ·          speed-limit alarm

    ·          Water temperature alarm, etc.

    Life is bound to become effortless with so many amazing inventions!

    Let’s see what else 2019 has in store for us all!


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