The brand new year 2019 has kicked off with an astounding start and while the 12 months of 2018 wrapped up nicely, it is time we take a sneak peek at our top well dressed Pakistani celebrities and their plethora of flamboyant outfits!

Our local stars have been bringing their fashionable A game all year round and if you need some style insights and inspirations; you have come to the right place.

Take a look below at the top 5 celebrities who not only wore the best outfits in 2018 but made a whirlwind cut and made to our best dressed list!

It’s time to pay them the credit and attention they so rightly deserve.

Mahira Khan

Draped fashionably in the perfect noir outfit by Alberta Ferretti, Mahira Khan walked the red carpet at Cannes Film Festival 2018 making the whole world go crazy over her style choice.

Not only did the dress hug her at the right places revealing her ‘hard-work-at-the-gym’ curves, but the diamond sparkles around her neckline was exactly what made her entire look complete – totally in a vintage English movie way!

Mahira Khan tops our best dressed list not only because she dresses up impeccably at all formal events, but also because she cleans up well casually too. Way to go Mahira!

She looks beautiful in Desi outfits too…right?

We look forward to witnessing what you bring on this year.

Syra Shahroz

Whether she needs to dress up for a girl’s night out or a red carpet event; Syra Shahroz has never let her fans down!

The bubbly and happy go lucky diva has stolen the hearts of all Pakistani teenage girls and rightly so!

After all, being super chic even after having a child definitely gives you an A+ on the styling-resume!

She usually goes for out of the box outfits and pairs them with minimal makeup and simple hairstyles. Inspired yet?

Fawad Khan

With The Pakistan Super League (PSL) new anthem “Khel Deewano Ka” on everyone’s lips, it is no surprise that Fawad Khan is the only person all fans want to stare at whenever it plays on the televisions!

The 37 year old hunk has his charm staying strong till date, whether he is seen dressed up casually or formally.

From denim pants paired with simple Ts, to dark slouchy bomber jackets and even formal 3 piece suits; Fawad Khan rocks his tall sleek built in all forms of tailoring like no one else can!

He polishes up nicely in his Desi Attires!

He totally owns and bosses the look even when in formal suiting!

Iqra Aziz

Always a show stopper, Iqra Aziz is known in the media industry as the daring one when it comes to flaunting stunning outfits.

From her unique haircuts, hairstyles, choice of nail paints to her beautiful clothes; everything is totally out of the box!

Balancing charm, style and class; Iqra has been hitting all social events with custom made dresses perfect for her petite frame, and hence,  can easily be called a fashion icon!

She was seen flaunting an exquisite black gown for Hum Awards 2017. She chose a fusion silk drape for Eid-ul-fitr 2018 and we loved it.

Checkout the modern princess vibes Iqra gave during the Lux Style awards 2018!

Ayesha Omar

Known best as ‘Khubsoorat’ in her drama series ‘Bulbulay’, Ayesha Omar has long been a fashionista in the Pakistani industry, however, 2018 saw how she owned a wardrobe chock-full of totally rocking attires!

This cheerful diva is all about poise, fashion and funk. Unwavering in her modern yet classic dressing style approach, Ayesha never lets a moment go by when she can match her gorgeous attires with branded shoes and gleaming jewelry.

She can tastefully carry our Pakistani national dress…

…As much as she can add the wow factor in western clothing!

Well! This calls to the end of our round-up of 2018’s best dressed Pakistani Celebs. Let us know in the comments about your favorite one!
Let’s see who inspires you to take a leap and opt for different style of clothing this year.



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