So imagine a morning without a steaming hot cup of chai? I, for one, would devour any one standing in the way of my morning tea- or any time of the day tea for that matter. The day just cannot start off on the right foot without a perfect cup of tea!

And I know for sure I am not alone in my eternal love for chai. The recent trend of chai dhabas popping up left, right and center is a testament to the love of Pakistanis and their tea.

Did you know that Pakistan ranks 7th across the world in highest per capita consumption of tea? According to a report published by the Food and Agriculture of the United Nations, black tea consumption in Pakistan is estimated to be a whopping 172,911 tons!

There has also been a massive increase of 35.8 percent in per capita consumption of tea in the last few years. I am no expert but quite a considerable proportion of this, I feel would be due to the endless cups of tea being served late into the night at the tea places that have popped up literally on every street corner.

However, does that mean they all serve tea of the same quality? Nope!

So, today I am going to attempt to enlist the best tea places across Pakistan so that you try all give your taste buds a desi gift!


Chai Wala

Chai wala was among one of the first of such cafes that opened its virtual doors to the city of lights. Being one of the pioneers, it undoubtedly reaped the benefits of being kind of a monopoly as it was one of the few dhabas at the time with sufficient seating space to accommodate a huge amount of people.

Another reason for the instant success and popularity of Chaiwala was the considerable variety it introduced into its menu from Nutella parathas, pizza paratha, local aaloo paratha and many such varieties. With reasonable prices and a cool place to hang out in the breezy open, it has been a huge success.

Chai Shai

Chai Shai is located in Khayaban-e-Bukhari, Defence Karachi. It is another similar dhaba with a classic Lollywood theme that is emphasized by a wall painted with heroes of our industry.

It is an open air café with abundant seating options.

Chai shai too has introduced considerable variety in its menu in an attempt to build its already substantial customer base.


Lakshmi Chowk, Tea Stalls

Lakhshmi Chowk in Lahore contains many cafes and restaurants. Needless to say, a true Lahori would never be content without tea and thus, there are many tea-stalls all boasting soul-replenishing tea!

Jaidi Pan Shop – DHA

Now this is one shop whose fame is quite substantial. It is the most famous pan shop in Lahore. However, along with mouthwatering paan, they also make a mean cup of tea. This is one place that absolutely must be experienced.

Chai Kada

Chai kada is located on Khurshid Kasuri Road. It has open air seating which is particularly appealing if you consider a hot cup of tea amidst cold winters, gossiping away with your friends! Ahhh the nostalgia!

Chai kada has put a spin on their traditional dhaaba with their up market prices and upmarket décor. Whether you crave black tea or want to add a twist by having a spicy blast on your palate; they offer desi chai blends with ginger, honey, local spices and more!


Chaaye khana

So we have all heart that Islamabadis are a bit of mummy-daddy types and I guess the tea spots in Islamabad provide evidence for the statement. Chaaye khana is a wonderful spot to hang out with friends and just chill. It has beautiful décor with bricked interiors as well as a good selection of books available for customers to peruse at their leisure.

The chai served here is of course not as budget friendly but you definitely need to give it a shot!


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