Friday, July 30, 2021

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    Sachin Tendulkar Wants Your Ears

    Some marketing genius somewhere thought of a great idea – get the best batsman of the modern day era – who also happens to have the sissiest husky voice for a celebrity in the same era – and have him sing a bathroom ditty to troll life as we know it. What we have now is a song that at it’s best can be deemed as bat-shit horrible.

    The song begins with Sachin singing to lyrics which could only have been written by someone with Down’s Syndrome, and quickly has Sonu Nigam chiming in to bring it some credibility – and failing miserably at it.

    There are two high points during the song, if high meant the high you receive when your trip on Acid and just want to kill yourself for taking this road in the first place.

    The first high comes when Sachin teaches us the names of all the textbook cricketing shots out there: cover drive, on drive, off drive….and Chakka. If that was bad enough, Sachin then spends a good 40 seconds teaching us all of the names of his teammates over the years and then thanking them as if the video was meant to be shared over a Whatsapp Group before killing himself.

    If anyone is having a great day and just wants to ruin it, click on the video below to watch Sachin’s first and hopefully last masterpiece.

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