Why Bagga Safri is the worst thing to happen to the internet


You probably have not heard about Bagga Safri, which is pretty good considering the crazy, funny and downright stupid stuff we come across in Pakistan. That’s a good thing. Or rather it was, as we will now offer a thorough glimpse into the world of one of the most underrated Punjabi artists on any side of the border. Be warned, although the videos do not contain any nudity, they are clearly NSFW for Pakistani workplaces – and rightfully so – I mean, where else do you see a grown man uppercutting his leading lady through her legs while pulling her into the air with a jubilant roar…all while lip syncing to a lively folk song. Yes, this is the world of Bagga Safri.

Here’s the shocking part: the guy is a legit superstar in some parts of Indian Punjab had has a serious fan following: think Ataullah Esakhelvi with more poontang in his videos. It’s not tough to imagine why there are so many cases of abuse and attempts at rape on both sides of the border – with ‘entertainment’ like this, there is little else to expect from the masses.

Warning: This is probably the most disturbing thing you will see this week.



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