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    How to be a True Lahori?

    The people of Lahore really are this level of crazy about their city! The saying “Lahore, Lahore hai” has become really famous in its own right. And for good measure too, the city with its hustling bustling roads, rowdy people and the love for food has a strange lure to it which no one can truly ignore.

    Besides this, the city is also chock-full of interesting places to visit that make a visit to the city, truly memorable and enjoyable!

    Straight to Gluttony: Food Street and M.M. Alam Road

    Every Lahori has a limitless love for food and huge appetites to back up this passion of theirs! Some of the greatest restaurants of the city are located on M.M. Alam road which was named after a well-known figure of the Pakistan Air Force.

    Recently, the widely popular P.F. Chang’s has also opened a branch on M.M. Alam road, which truly is an honor in itself! Apart from this, restaurants such as the Village Restaurant,  Yum, Spice bazaar, Aylanto and many others are located in this vicinity. There truly is a restaurant catering to every taste!

    On a similar note, the Lahore Food Street is another place which is a yummy treat for not only the tummy only, but overall a delight to visit with its gorgeously lit area and appetizing smells wafting up from the many vendors!

    Badshahi Mosque

    Badshahi Mosque is truly a sight for sore eyes. It is a beautiful mosque that was built by the Emperor Aurangzeb in the year 1673.

    It is one of Lahore’s most famous tourist attractions and rightly so, with the serenity and peace that reigns the beautiful mosque, it is a wonderful place to visit!

    Tourists can stopover at the red-sandstone structure and see various relics belonging to the Holy Prophet and his family members.

    Wagah Border

    The guard changing ceremony at the Wagah border truly inspires patriotism in the hearts of all attendants.

    The approximately hour long ceremony, is a beautiful sight to behold with proud soldiers dressed in their starched uniforms and decoratively turbaned hats.

    The march, the stamping of the feet, the salutes everything timed to complete perfection, is truly awe-inspiring. This is definitely something worth attending when in Lahore!

    The Bazaars of Lahore

    Lahoris have an insatiable appetite not just for food, but also for shopping. That being said, the old bazaars of Lahore such as Anarkali Bazaar and the Liberty Market are a haven for shopaholics.

    The specialty of these markets is the range of cultural and local products that is glaringly displayed and robustly advertised by the shop keepers. From Khussas to Kundan Kohlapuris, from Banarsisaaris to chiffon lehengas; you can find just about everything here at reasonable prices.

    If you know how to haggle too- well, you’re in for the time of your lives for sure! The markets also boast beautiful and intricately designed jewelry as well as local street-food.

    Walled City Of Lahore

    The Walled City of Lahore is also known as the Old City, and has an exuberant charm that will definitely pull at your heart strings.

    The Old City boasts many relics of the Mughal Era and has numerous iconic structures as well. These include the Wazir Khan Mosque, the Badshahi Mosque as well as the Shahi Hummam.

    The main attraction of the Old City can be explained by its lure due to the fact that it was established in 1000CD and was then fortified by a mud wall during the medieval era. How fascinating is that?

    Other attractions include the Royal Trail, aka the Shahi Guzargah and the beautiful Havelis.



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