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Hareem Farooq’s amazing transformation tips are the only motivation you will need!


Believe it or not, we are all judged by our appearances. Moreover, when it comes to our society, labels such as ‘Kaali’, ‘Moti’, ‘Patli’, ‘Dandedar’, etc are extremely common. While some get completely bullied and held back, others rise above the criticism and change their fate on their own.

Hareem Farooq is one perfect example of the case. Lawyer by education, tv.actress, feature films and drama producer, tv.host and an ideal for the young generation; the name ‘Hareem’ needs no introduction!

Get to know Hareem!

Hareem Farooq is a sweet, bubbly and friendly person who has acquired huge success in a small timeframe. Previously, from producing a perfect romantic film ‘Janaan’ to recently producing a hit ‘Heer Maan Ja’; Hareem has proved that hard work and dedication is all you need!

On the other hand, she needs a definite applaud for ignoring the body-shamers and their rude comments. Especially comments such as Faryal Mehmood’s:

For this purpose, Hareem Farooq spoke about body shaming and stated:

Fat Loss- Not Weight Loss!

Hareem mentioned in an interview regarding hitting the gym mat for exercise, “Going into this, my priorities were fat loss (not weight loss) and strengthening because I have a lower back issue. Now I can feel the difference.”

Nonetheless, shedding a whopping 35-40 kgs in a year is just Uh-mazing!

Wondering how she did it? Here are a few tips and tricks straight from the diva herself!

Tip 1: Lemon Water to kick start the day!

Hareem swears by the ‘lemon water drink’ as soon as she halts the snooze button. Apparently, this mild concoction not only promotes hydration but also increases vitamin C, is good for skin and aids as an antioxidant.

Tip 2: Nuts are perfect for Snacks!

In addition to her meal plans throughout the day, Hareem also makes room for tidbits. However, while most people settle for junk food, she chooses dry-fruits and nuts!
Again, ideal for energy spike, monounsaturated fats, omega 3 fatty acids and lots more.

Tip 3: Always workout and stay motivated

Interestingly, Hareem makes sure she can burn up to 600 calories in the gym every day. She never skips her workout. Above all, she asks everyone to stay motivated and be surrounded by people who are encouraging and supportive.

Tip 4: 5 Small meals are better than 2 big ones!

After reading a book named ‘Don’t lose your mind, lose your weight’ by Rujuta Diwekar, Hareem swore by indulging in small meals every 2 hours throughout the day instead of having 2 huge ones.
This trick helped increase the metabolic rate and always kept her energy levels touching the sky!

Tip 5: Never skip breakfast

Again, another amazing tip straight from Hareem Farooq is that you should never skip your breakfast. Moreover, if you are planning to lose weight, breakfast should be the meal which fuels you for the whole day.

Tip 6: Avoid big portions at dinnertime

“I lost a lot of weight from that”, Hareem told on the Dolly Darling episode. She mentioned that having a light meal for dinner helps in steady weight loss.

Exercise Tips and Suggestions

Hareem prefers pialtes, circuit training and weight lifting. Besides, she added the fact that what might work for her body type won’t necessarily work for everyone else. Interestingly, people believe in the ‘girls shouldn’t weight train’ myth. Hareem defies it!

Tip 7: Change your Lifestyle!

In short, Hareem Farooq urges everyone to shift their lifestyle towards a healthy one! Additionally, sticking to certain rules and staying consistent are the keys to achieving goals.

Watch her complete interview below:



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