Until and unless Pakistani drama script writers do not widen their horizons and swerve away from tragic storylines and super depressing plots; all dramas are bound to seem the same!

Is an overdose of misery and gloominess so necessary?

Cheekh, an ARY production needs no introduction as it is rolling on the tip of everyone’s tongue and for good reason too. It mainly wraps around the story of a rapist-cum-murderer and how a close friend fights for the victim’s justice and honor.

A strong pivotal role played by none other than Saba Qamar makes up for the drama’s success- (for the most part of it)! However, while some people have converted into diehard fans of the series, others rather deem it to be deviating from its core topic.

So guys, will Cheekh remain in the spotlight till it concludes or will it head south just like previous similar soaps?

Let’s weigh in the possibilities!

Saba Qamar returning to the screen with a Bang yet again!

When exceptional yet formidable acting are paired with memorable dialogues as well as good dialogue delivery; one is bound to become the talk of the town.

Saba Qamar did exactly that!

Since Saba Qamar is extremely particular about her selection of dramas, when everyone saw her return to the screen in Cheekh, her fans knew how special it would be.

After all, who can forget how Baaghi prospered back in 2017.

A Loving and Supportive Husband!

How often do you witness loving husbands in Pakistani dramas, eh?

When Emaad Irfani’s role as Saba Qamar’s husband showed a strong bond between the couple, it not only became a chain-breaker from typical narcissistic husbands across our country, but also brought out a lighter side to the drama.

All Pakistani husbands should definitely watch the drama for tips!

What a Bold Topic!

Sexual harassment still is, as it has always been a taboo in Pakistan, especially when a girl is raped. Families choose to bury the matter instead of seeking justice because witnessing their daughters being stigmatized is something not everyone can gulp down so effortlessly.

Cheekh turned the tables in this regard.

When Ushnah Shah’s character is violently assaulted by Bilal Abbas (Wajih), instead of facing the truth, she plummets off a rooftop to meet her death (as most victims in Pakistan do).

Nonetheless, Saba Qamar (her close friend) doesn’t digest the reality easily and instead plays a heroic role towards eventually putting Wajih behind bars legally.

A woman playing a bold role- something to definitely root for in Pakistan!

Not a Typical Pakistani Family!

Instead of being hazed by tightly knit family ties like conventional Pakistani households, Shayan (the middle sibling) chooses to look at the bigger picture.

Certainly not blindly protecting his youngest brother Wajih, Shayan supports his wife (another uncommon phenomena) in seeking justice, be it against his blood brother.

The Villain was revealed midway

Unlike most stories, Cheekh revealed the bad guy midway and the audience was still compelled to watch the upcoming episodes because of the drama’s thrill.

The culprit, Bilal Abbas aka Wajih has totally aced his bad boy acting skills in Cheekh, nevertheless, is this enough to keep the fans hooked to the TV screens every time Cheekh airs?

What now…?

After reading totally out-of-the-box ideas behind creating such a solid drama, I fail to understand why Zanjabeel Asim has chosen to pen down a script which is nothing but dragging since episode 16.

The tweets and comments online show an increase in people ditching the drama and moving towards new ones because of the following factors:

·        Countless unnecessary scenes.

·        Dragged scenes.

·        Pointless amount of distress in Saba’s life: the couple losing their unborn child. (WHY?)

Acting skills take the cake!

Acting skills take the cake and we believe the cast was chosen by a pro for sure!

While Saba Qamar plays an outstandingly harrowing role against Bilal Abbas, he on the other hand equally stands tall in his.

As for Emaad Irfani, I for sure cannot imagine any other actor switching his place and becoming such a loving husband. Aijaz Aslam has done a great job too!

So now, unless Cheekh picks up the pace again and shows something different, the story will simply keep dragging; eventually losing all its fans.

Let’s see what the team has in store for us!




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