Eid is just a couple of days away and if you haven’t sorted out your Eid outfit, shoes and bangles yet, it is time that you do so!

You wouldn’t want to spend Chandraat running around in circles instead of sitting down and applying mehndi or letting a pro do it for you. Half the fun of Chandraat is in gathering all your friends and cousins and either going out for mehndi or doing it on your own. Besides having a good quality mehndi cone from Saeed Ghani in your bag, you also need to have some cool mehndi design pictures saved in your phone so that you know exactly what you want!

From traditional mehndi designs to modern designs, we share some of the most trending patterns for you to choose from!

The Floral Trail

This design is exquisite and minimalistic at the same time. It starts off with a beautiful flower in the middle of the palm with delicate patterns trailing towards the first finger and the wrist. This is the perfect pattern if you are looking for something that doesn’t overwhelm you.

The Traditional Tikki!

Eid is all about traditions, so why skip on them while applying mehndi? The traditional mehndi design is simple and classic.

A circular design known as tikki is drawn in the middle of the palm. Now you can play around with a lot of intricate patterns as long as you stay within the circular outline. The finger tips are shaded and filled to complete the whole design. It is a simple yet customary design that never gets old!

The Wrap-around Mehndi

This design is aptly named the wrap-around design as it enfolds around your hand like a ribbon. It can be an extensive design, starting all the way from the elbow, or you can keep it minimal by starting at the wrist.

The patterns are elaborate and are created in such a way that they move spirally!

The Top-Hand Design

As the name implies, in this design, only the top sides of the hands are decorated. For this design, black mehndi is used to make it look more striking.

Make sure you use good quality mehndi such as the one from Saeed Ghani to avoid any allergic reactions. The design always starts from the wrist and detailed floral patterns are generally used. The patterns move up till the fingers and the finger tips are decorated with smaller patterns.

Mehndi with a Twist

If you love to experiment, then this is something that you must try.

Apply mehndi in any design that you prefer. Make sure the pattern you choose is not too intricate as this may hinder your final mehndi design.

Now simply fill up the spaces with colored glitter or plain glitter, however you like. Another awe-inspiring way of doing it is to add glitter directly in your mehndi cone. This way you can get a uniform look.

Eid is All About Tradition, Love and Spreading Happiness!

Eid Mubarak Everyone!




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