Ask anyone and you’ll discover how utterly obsessed Pakistanis are about the state of our homes! Everything must be in perfect order, often to demonstrate the fact that we are more organized than them (typical aunty mindset!).

Jokes aside, the ambiance at home really affects the residents as it sets the entire mood; it sets the pace! Furniture, of course, is a big part of this.

Since Pakistan is brimming with talent of all sorts, when talking about the furniture market, Pakistani craftsmen can put the world to shame with their intricate designs and elaborate carvings.

Don’t believe us? Let’s take a look at some of the unsurpassed places to buy furniture from in Pakistan!


Renaissance is a particularly exquisite store which stands apart from any other with respect to the vast collection of items for sale.

From furniture to décor, wall hangings and even antiques; everything is available for all tastes.

Not only that, the store is also one of the only shops to stock high-end designer fabrics by the likes of Christian Lacroix and Sanderson!

Going to this particular store is a delightful experience as the store literally has something for everyone!


ChenOne is one of the finest brands in Pakistan which surely requires no introduction to!

It is one of the few brands to offer just about everything. And I really mean everything!

However, what’s admirable about them isn’t the range of products they offer, rather the quality of products they sell.

Clothes, décor, accessories, shoes or furniture items; all pieces are sturdy and built to last.

ChenOne often offers wonderful sales with packages for furniture of the whole room so to say, and these deals are what you should never miss!

Something I really admire about this brand is that every item is for individual sale – so for instance, if you don’t want to purchase a dresser for whatever reason, you don’t have to!


Habitt has become one of the go-to stores for every household need. They have a wonderful variety of articles catering to every imaginable genre relating to the house!

They have a beautiful range of flower decorations as well as just about everything else you would need to make your house a strikingly bright home.

Perhaps the main attraction at Habitt is that everything is reasonably priced. The chic furniture that would cost you a kidney in other stores is reasonably priced and robustly constructed. Oh and another major attraction – you can find furniture for everything!

They even have a gorgeous collection of patio furniture! Cute little items are available for your children’s rooms too, ranging from bunker beds to wardrobes and study tables. For the babies, they have cots, infant sized chairs and toys too!

Habitt also often has deals to make it easier to purchase entire sets for major renovations or for someone getting married.

Interwood Mobel

Interwood Mobel strives to create and retain customer satisfaction through outstanding quality products. Every item is crafted to perfection and made to last.

They have showrooms across the country in all major cities and also export products to UK, Africa, Norway, Spain, Middle East and India.

The brand beckons considerable respect and the fact that they have been chosen as the furniture vendors by multiple major corporations in the country such as Allied Bank, Marriott, PepsiCo among others, is evidence of the trust people place in their brand.

S. Abdullah Home

This particular brand is known more for its diverse range of top-of-the-line tiles, floors and all other fixtures for the home.

They also have a complete and comprehensive range of furniture, which is high quality and high on the comfort scale as well.

Their pieces sway more towards the contemporary and modern rather than traditional.

Going to S Abdullah and purchasing furniture from them is also delightful due to the after sales service you will receive.

I mean who doesn’t like neatly dressed workers with polite tones coming to your house and delivering your items? It just makes the entire experience more pleasant!

Chiniot Furniture Stores
Furniture stores in Chiniot are hailed and praised for their exquisite craftsmanship all over the country. These stores are present on the main G.T. Road.

The huge showrooms proudly display intricately carved pieces which are quite regal. What’s more? If you know how to haggle, you can get the best deal!



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