Here’s how to kill the boredom!

Eid is just around the corner and preparations for this special occasion are in full swing. From getting your clothes and shoes ready to planning the Eid dinner menu; you can’t help feeling a glimmer of festivity and excitement going through you, even if it is a bit hectic as the weather is hotter than before!

Most of us will be spending Eid with our loved ones, however there are some of us who are not as lucky and will be spending Eid on our own!

Before you take out a wad of tissues and get drowned in depression, we share with you a few ways you can spend Eid in style, without feeling totally miserable and lonely…!

Go Out on Chaand-Raat!

No matter which city you are in on Chaand-raat, you are bound to come across cool Chaand-raat fun fair fiestas, as we love to call it!

From F-7 Markaz in Islamabad to Agha’s in Karachi; trust us, you will not be bored at all. These fun fairs are buzzing with festivity as all the locals approach these stalls for mehndi application, colorful bangles, and of course, tasty chat-pattay snacks!

Super tip: If you are a photographer or a writer, what better place to get inspiration for your next art pieces!

 Just the sight of these Chaand-raat funfairs is enough to get you in the Eid spirit, especially if you are alone!

Besides, all the malls organize Chaandraat festivity hot spots, so don’t miss out on any!

Have a Fine Dining Experience

Being alone doesn’t mean that you can’t go out and have a lavish meal. Eid is the perfect occasion to do that!

Owing to the special occasion of Eid in Pakistan, all restaurants are all brightly lit and have a cheerful and joyous ambiance. Furthermore, most of the restaurants come out with superb deals to entice more clients.

The point is that you go out and become a part of the holiday cheer for fun’s sake.

Best places to visit?

Lahore: Tuscany Courtyard, Arcadian Cafe, Yum Chinese!

Islamabad: Wok, ChinaTown and Monal!

Watch a Movie before others do!

Lollywood has undergone a massive transformation and is churning out quite a number of good quality films and Eid is the perfect occasion to release some of the highly anticipated movies of the year.

The most-awaited movie ‘The legend of Maula Jutt’ will be released on Eid and fans really have high expectations. Besides Maula Jutt, Wrong number 2 and Mehwish Hayat’s Chhalawa are also being released on Eid.

So instead of drowning in your loneliness, go check out these movies and support the Pakistani film industry.

Trust me, they are worth a watch. Here are the official trailers to lure you in!

Sharing is Caring

Just because you are bidding farewell to Ramadan, it doesn’t mean that you need to bid a farewell to your altruistic and philanthropic side, too.

This eid, plan a visit to your area’s NGOs, hospitals or an orphanages. Spread the holiday cheer amongst those who need it the most.

Edhi, Chhipa and other NGOs regularly welcome people who want to celebrate eid with those in need.

Eid is a Time to Celebrate, So Don’t Spend It Sulking Around. Make the Most of It and Enjoy it to the Fullest!

Eid Mubarak in Advance guys!

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