Everyone knows that makeup is every girl’s best friend and with that said, it is easy to state that the gloomy days are long gone when you couldn’t find authentic makeup brands in Pakistan.

Every makeup fanatic will agree to the fact that ordering a long list of makeup products from abroad whenever a relative (KHALA) came to visit for a few days was mandatory! But not necessarily anymore!

Not only do we have the ideal makeup brands available in Pakistan today but guess what? The best thing is that they are manufactured locally…meaning that they are not only totally affordable, but also gel in with our skin tone and climatic conditions perfectly.

If you are still hooked to international makeup brands such as Maybelline and Loreal, and are tired of replacing them every month because they are downright expensive, why don’t you try one of our desi makeup brands and see the difference?

As with any makeup item, just because it is costly doesn’t automatically mean the quality is superior too.

Believe it or not, our local brands are pocket friendly, ideal for our wheatish skin tones and are perfect for our harsh weather variations. What’s more? They play a faultless role as dupes to international makeup brands.

Did you know that Brow tints by Luscious cosmetics are the perfect dupes for Anastasia Beverly Hills brow tints in espresso and brunette?

With that stated, lets leap and take a look at the top 6 Pakistani Makeup brands which are hands down mesmerizing, economical as well as long lasting!


Medora has been ramping the Pakistani market since 1961 and is profoundly selling a complete range of makeup products at unbelievably affordable rates!

Be it matte lipsticks or glossy, colorful nail polish shades or compact powders; Medora offers a cosmic range of makeup products you will totally fall in love with!

With all lip shades priced between rs150-500, can you believe that MEDORA Russet 287 is the sure shot dupe of MAC Chilli?

Why pay rs1800 when you can enjoy the same effect is rs160!!! Same goes for Medora Viva Glam and MAC Viva Glam.

Let me add another imperative factor. Since I myself am a Medora junky when it comes to lipsticks, if you ask why it is so, I’ll tell you that Medora lipsticks have the ideal long-lasting effect. They won’t come off even when you eat or drink! What could be cooler than this?

Luscious Cosmetics

If you are an animal lover, you surely prefer cruelty free makeup too!

If this is the case, you should definitely try Luscious cosmetics.

Staying abreast with makeup trends, Luscious has won the hearts of many Pakistani women because Luscious highlighters, shimmers and loose pigmented eye-shadows are to die for!

Luscious has also recently launched its ‘bag friendly’ contour kits and while they are priced approximately at Rs. 2000, they are a double thumbs-up for you if you are a working woman who applies makeup every day because the contouring gel sticks onto the face for hours, even in the humid days.


Nabila is a famous name not only in Pakistan but abroad as well.

With the launch of her gorgeous ‘no makeup palette’ containing a section for concealer, blender, blush, lip stain and setting powder; the diva has aided in the transformation of many from ordinary to extraordinary!

Believe it when I say that this portable kit is way better than going for expensive foundations, blushes and lipsticks because you get everything packed in one; helping you save thousands!

And hey! Who wants to carry 5 makeup items when you can carry just one!

Massarat Misbah

A makeup brand launched by a makeup artist herself, what else could we be talking about?

A well researched project carried out by Massarat Misbah herself, she has created a glamorous range of cosmetics which suit our Pakistani skin tones, skin textures as well as the varying weather conditions.

MM makeup is Halal, meaning that the ingredients used in all makeup products are perfect for muslims as well as non-muslims.  If you ask today’s Pakistani women, they will vouch for MM silk foundation and silk pressed powder for sure.

J. Makeup

Junaid Jamshed needs no introduction because not only was he an iconic Pakiatani singer but after the launch of his amazing clothing line for men and women both, he was and still is the talk of the town!

The makeup products stemmed quite recently and gained recognition because of their high quality and long-lastingness.

They offer concealers, illuminators, contouring kits and much more but what set them apart are their mineral lipsticks!

These lipsticks help hydrate the lips, are not clumpy and have a sweet scent too.


This brand is truly striking and noteworthy.

If you are looking for non-transferable lip colors which also last throughout the day, Clazona is the brand you need!

Clazona’s highlighting factor is definitely the lip glosses; nonetheless, the variety includes silicone kajal pencils, eyelashes, blush-on kits, makeup brushes and much more.

You will certainly forget brands like Colorpop and Wet n Wild when you try this!

This brings us to the end of the makeup craziness!

If you will excuse me, I’d like to go out and stock up on some more until next time! Enjoy.




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