Indian and Pakistani women are known to flaunt natural beauty and you might think, do they spend thousands on beauty salons each day?

Well, to your surprise, Indian women rather choose the natural most home remedies to solve everyday problems. From beauty to curing pains; everything can be treated at home!

During my childhood, my maternal grandmother always made sure I was fit like a fiddle and that I should always stand out from the crowd. Even the days when I had a mere cold, my Nano would come running around with her perfect blend of natural herbs, only to cure me within a jiffy! Trust me, she had a totka for everything!

I would like to happily believe that all her in depth knowledge about the amazing nuskhas and totkay were passed onto her from her grandmother, and all her innate desi wellness tactics have passed down to me too!

Why keep it all to myself? So here’s to sharing her best 5 tried and tested totkay with you all.

Thank me later peeps!

Fix your Sun tan in minutes!

Expensive creams won’t solve this one! Even if you cover yourself in super strong sunscreens, know that sunburn is inevitable!

Fret not! My Nano has a super quick fix for this.

Simply take:

·         Yogurt (2 tablespoon)

·         Lemon juice (1 tablespoon)

·         Honey (2 teaspoons)

While yogurt and honey will moisturize and hydrate your skin, lemon will get rid of the tan.

Mix these ingredients together. Apply all over the affected area and leave on for 15 minutes. Rinse off with cold water and voila! Repeat everyday for better results.

Homemade mask for Thick, long locks!

Thick, long and silky hair is the first attraction of an Indian girl. While we are blessed with good genes, the truth is, we also spend a heck load of time on keeping it perfect! How, you ask? Shhh.. I’m sharing our secret below.

Make a homemade rejuvenating hair mask, apply it twice a month and you will have nothing less than Rapunzel locks!

To make the blend:

·         Egg 1

·         Yogurt (2 tablespoon)

·         Coconut oil (1 tablespoon)

·         Ginger (1 teaspoon juice)

·         Banana (1)

You will have to mash the banana and squeeze it through a strainer to avoid getting any lumps in your mix. Do the same for ginger. Then simply mix all the ingredients together, apply them on your hair and scalp and leave for 40 minutes.

Rinse with your favorite shampoo later and don’t forget to apply a conditioner. This is perfect for dry, damaged and dull hair.

Breathing Problems due to air pollution

We are all surrounded by air pollution and there’s nothing much we do to avoid it. Nonetheless, if you are prone to breathing issues due to the changing weather or simply air pollution, here’s a remedy for it.

·         Boil 5 cloves in 3 tablespoons of water

·         Remove from heat when only 1 tablespoon remains

·         Blend this with 1 teaspoon of honey, grated ginger and freshly grinded black pepper (2 teaspoons).

·         Store it in a small container and consume 1 teaspoon full, 3 times a day till the heavy breathing subsides.

Fight bad breath with a bang!

Bad breath is something not even your own child can bear smelling off of you!

To avoid the humiliation in public, simply opt for cinnamon (daal cheeni).

Either boil it in water and store it in a spray bottle to use it as a mouth freshener, or simply chew on a small piece. Works both ways!

Wave those headaches goodbye!

Being struck by a painful headache is not cool at all! Moreover, not being able to cure it immediately is even worse.

Try ginger for a quick cure! Simply create cold water and ginger paste and apply it on your forehead. It might sting a bit initially, but you will totally love the soothing effect later.

Hope you guys loved these simple home remedies for everyday problems.

Let us know your favorite one!



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