Friday, July 30, 2021

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    4 brands to choose in Pakistan to make your ‘bed and bathroom’ like a luxury hotel!

    What’s so fascinating about staying at luxurious 5 star hotels that provide you with a baby-like slumber? Can you owe it to the crisp, freshly pressed bed sheets or the soft pillows and pillow cases? Better yet, can you owe it to the amazingly absorbent towels you used post shower?

    Whatever it was, the truth is that you can recreate the same vibes at home by selecting the idyllic ‘bed and bath’ brands in Pakistan!

    Our team has rounded up the top 4 brands you can blindly trust for your comfort when it comes to decorating your room with the perfect bedding sets as well as when you need to add the extra oomph to your bathrooms with the softest towels.


    Some customers prefer comfort while others go for prints and colors in bed sets.

    Whatever’s your pick, ChenOne is a one stop shop for both luxury and unique designs in bedding.

    From amazing luxury bed sets to loose bed sheets; king size, queen size and singles, ChenOne is one name all Pakistani’s trust!

    Oh! And when it comes to towels, theirs are the fluffiest, most absorbent and totally long lasting.

    Do check them out on your next shopping spree.

    Checkout the perfectly subtle color combo!

    You can find towel sets in various colors; perfect for every theme in each bathroom.

    Khaadi Home

    As most of you are already aware, Khaadi produces bespoke clothing for men, women and kids.

    However, a new addition in their brand is none other than home décor items which translates to unique designs, color vibrancy as well as affordability.

    From personal experience, Khaadi’s bedding sets are absolutely awesome.

    I owe it to the modern prints, soft fabric and to the choice of ‘long staple cotton threads’.

    Anyone with a good eye and a little knowledge about fabric will agree how ‘long staple cotton’ refers to the best quality!

    You wouldn’t want to give up on the chance to visit Khaddi Home. Trust us!

    Isn’t this bed set right out of a story book?

    Is it only me, or are these cushion covers giving you home décor inspirational ideas!

    Bed and Bath

    The name speaks for itself!

    The superior absorbency properties in Bed and Bath towels are extraordinary, stated by the customers who gave them nothing less than 5 star reviews.

    So is true for bathroom mat sets. They are non-slippery and the plush fabric is exactly what you need to step on after a long, hot bubble bath!

    Additionally, the eco-friendly, long-fiber cotton and satin bed sheets give off an incredibly soft and smooth feel.

    What sets Bed and Bath apart is the fact that they offer luxurious bridal bedding sets too. We agree that they are not so wallet-friendly, but hey! Marriage calls for special gifts!

    Are you also admiring the intricacy and detail in these towels?

    Yes! This bridal set is the perfect addition to the bride and groom’s newly decorated room!

    And who can avoid noticing these neutral bathroom mats?

    The Linen Company by Nishat

    Microfibers may not be on your priority list but the bed spreads, bed sheets as well as the blankets are best sellers online. What we love the most are the smooth sateen colorful bedspreads.

    And did we forget to mention how adorable and up-to-the-minute the new arrival cushion covers are. You need to see them yourselves!

    How about valentines present for your better half?

    Perfect for Mother’s Day, eh?



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