Fashion says a lot about a person. And in Pakistan, weddings are the ultimate chance you get to flaunt who you are!

Thankfully, our talented local designers have spoiled us with a cosmic amount of options to choose from!

If you too want to flaunt a ‘Desi’ look at a Pakistani wedding, here are our top 4 wedding ensemble designers you need to know about!

Faraz Manan


This man is brilliant. He has been a part of the fashion industry for more than a decade, nevertheless, it is only recently that he has gained unrivaled fame for his equally unmatched couture creations.

First and foremost to be mentioned would be his aesthetic; he is excellent at tailoring and designing the newest trend of luxury wear- combining traditional work with modern cuts.

His threadwork, the Gatsby-esque tassles and layers, along with (my personal favorite) ultra modern lehenga cholis are renowned internationally, with his muse, Kareena Kapoor present in many of his launch shoots.

His flagship boutique, unlike most Pakistani designers, is in Dubai. He has won local awards for his brilliant work and continues to impress us all. Moreover, the tailoring and threadwork of his menswear collection, more particularly sherwanis are also incredible!

Go to any wedding this shaadi-season and you will see more than half the guests sporting Faraz Manan.

Bunto Kazmi


Many would say that this lady is the best at what she does, and very few would argue with this opinion. She is known to not market her designs and neither take part in MOST fashion shows and yet her name is on everybody’s lips when it comes to the ultimate wedding outfit, especially the bride’s.


Bunto Kazmi creates her masterpieces upon order and is not a retail designer, forming a striking contrast to designers like Faraz Manan in terms of business models. Even on the level of aesthetics, Bunto’s shawls and intricately woven threadwork is deeply traditional in every sense of the word.

Her masterpieces take months, and some even years to prepare- this is the standard of pure hard work and effort she puts into each piece. Every detail counts and it surely stands out.

This turns every piece of clothing she waves her artistic hand into a classic commodity, ready to be worn instantly. This evergreen designer is hands down brilliant, that brides do not even feel the need to see samples of what she is planning for their wedding outfit!  

The only information she requires is the color tone the bride desires. Bunto Kazmi is a true source of pride to our nation.

Fahad Hussayn


A true representative of the youthful Pakistani talent that has emerged in the textile industry, Fahad Hussayn, a BNU graduate, has nothing but the most unique fusion creations.

His time at BNU has helped him to craft works of art on finely tailored dresses. His bridal and couture outfits range from traditional hand embroidered pieces to contemporary patch-work and embellished designs.

His shoots consist of pure elegance and modern-day spunk which are distinguished characteristics of his work. Want to look unique on your sister’s wedding this year? Go for a Fahad Hussayn outfit!

image (2).png


Hassan Shaharyar Yasin has created a respectable repute along with popular couture wear for men and women alike. With outlets in the USA, UAE, UK, and Saudi Arabia; he shines locally as well as internationally.

image (1).png

Although in recent years he has not been marketed as expressly as of other designers, his presence and presentations at fashion shows and talk shows alike are enough to do the marketing for him.

Although competition has increased in the fashion industry over the years, HSY has been a thriving member of this community since 1994. His outfits for women are mainly traditional, mostly going along the conventional tones of reds, maroons, gold, and greens. It is also imperative to mention his exquisite embellishment work on male attires. If you want to stay safe and ‘in’ at the same time- go for HSY!


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