Let’s face it – the famous Nihari, Paaye and Gurday Kaporay that the city is famous for are not everyone’s cup of tea. After much feedback from our readers, we’ve come up with a few alternatives that are equally resonant with the masses and have come to define the taste the city is known for.

Salt N’ Pepper Stuffed Chicken

The most iconic continental serving in the city. Although recent feedback has been largely disappointing due to changes in presentation (and also in taste by some accounts), the Salt N’ Pepper Stuffed Chicken has been the favorite of the city for the past two decades. What makes it extra special? The slithering slimy dirty sweet pineapple sauce that makes you want to chew right in.
Butt Karahi
For a city that prides itself on it’s Karahi, Butt Karahi is the hands down favourite. The Karahi is freshly cooked and is full of an array of spices and a generous serving of ‘desi kyo’. For those who don’t appreciate the rather innervating ambiance, there’s good news – Butt Karachi is going a complete makeover to make it more accommodating for those who prefer to carry their hand sanitizers with them.
For a city with it’s fair share of Pakistan-ized Chinese Food, this one is a much needed, albeit expensive, breath of fresh air. The fact that Lahore’s concept of Asian food is a toned down amalgamation of Indian tastes with Chinese ingredients is no secret. Fujiyama thankfully stays true to it’s roots.

Say what you will about it’s pretentious B-grade vibe of it’s ambiance and visual appeal – a poor man’s Gunsmoke at first sight – but Howdy knows how to make it’s burgers. Well, most of the time. This restaurant chain literally paved the way for dozens of local entrepreneurs in the burger trade with Burgers that not only tasted great, but were much better than the wide variety of international fast food chains.


The Dozens of Café Restaurants with the Same Menu
Let’s be honest – a good number of the city’s finest café restaurants offer the same things to eat. There might be a number of reasons: be it the limited training sources for chefs or the monotonous demand of the clientele, but there are usually ten to fifteen menu items you will find in any restaurant within the city – you know: Taragon Chicken, Morrocon Chicken, Thai Chicken/Beef Chilli and the usual suspects. The good news is: they usually taste pretty fine – and sometimes great. Take Café Zouk and Arcadian for example, these restaurants take food items that are available in dozens of other restaurants but stand out due to one reason or another.


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