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    Lahore’s 6 legendary restaurants

    Lahore is a multi-faceted city. From the historical buildings to the sumptuous food it offers; this city is a must-visit place for all history and food lovers. Winters are in full swing and it naturally revs up our appetite and what better way to satiate your hunger than to visit the beautiful city of Lahore!

    Here we outline a few best of the best and legendary restaurants in Lahore that are sure to satisfy your food cravings!

    ‘One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.’

    Virginia Woolf

    Mohammadi Nahari House

    Mohammadi Nahari has been on the food scene for around 40-50 years and it has created quite a niche for itself when it comes to serving quality nihari.

    Mohammadi Nahari offers everyone a taste of their own nihari, meaning they have an option of chicken nihari along with beef nihari. Their ‘tarkay wali nihari’ is a best-seller, though they do offer ‘nalli wali’ and ‘maghaz wali’ nihari, which are also their specialties. While some Lahori’s believe that Waris Nehari is Muhammadi’s direct rival, in my opinion, Muhammadi takes the trophy!

    Served with freshly chopped coriander, a green chili, coriander and freshly sliced lemons and Oohh… talk about the garam naan served one at a time till you are full!

    This piping hot nihari is surely going to blow your mind. They are open 24/7 to satisfy your nihari cravings, anytime of the day!

    Originally based in Mazang, the fun fact is that a new branch recently opened on Mehmood Kasuri Road and guess what? Everyone is loving it to the max!

    Phajjay Kay Paye

    Paye may not be to everyone’s liking but Phajjay kay paye will certainly change that forever. Located in the famous red light district, keep in mind that this isn’t going to be a fine dining experience.

    The gelatinous stew is made with goat hoofs, so be ready to get yourself in a sticky situation while consuming the famous dish! The paye are garnished with coriander, ginger and served with piping hot tandoori or roghni naan.

    Be willing to wake up early in the morning to have the delicious paye or be prepared to stand in a long waiting queue!!!

    Babu Fish Corner

    Winters have arrived with a bang and so is the season to gorge on freshly grilled or fried fish!

    Lahore is famous for a number of fish spots and restaurants, nevertheless Babu Fish Corner tops the list.

    Located on Tufail road, this fish corner is hugely popular amongst fish lovers and winters usually see long queues of customers waiting to get their hands on deliciously grilled and fried fish.

    Babu fish corner offers a variety of cooked fish which are marinated in unique spices and what’s more? It is not heavy on the pocket!

    Yum Chinese and Thai Restaurant

    No visit to Lahore is complete if you don’t have the best Chinese in town. Although, it is a Chinese and Thai restaurant; people flock to it for it’s Chinese cuisine.

    The food speaks volume for its quality, the staff is extremely friendly and the ambiance is at par! All in all, you will go home with stuffed bellies and good memories.

    CTC: Coffee, Tea & Company

    Coffee, Tea and company opened up its doors to Lahore 15 years ago and there has been no looking back since then. It started off as a coffee shop and deli, but it has expanded its menu to proper meal menus. Needless to say, their breakfast menu and coffee is to die for!

    Cuckoo’s den

    Delicious food and a scenic view make up for a good meal and this is what Cuckoo’s den has to offer. Located in the heart of Lahore with a beautiful view of Badshahi mosque, the food is exceptional though it is a little heavy on the pocket.

    The ambiance of the restaurant is artistic and you have the option of dining on the roof top and take beautiful pictures while you dine.

    A new Place on our Itinerary: Shahi Bethak

    Recently opened right across Badshahi Mosque by a young entrepreneur specifically for our generation, SHAHI BETHAK is the ideal place to visit to satisfy your need for desi food and listen to the perfect live music simultaneously!

    Since it offers all the awesome legendary cuisines from renowned restaurants on the food street, why visit each restaurant one by one when you can have it all under one roof?

    What are you waiting for? Select your favorite restaurant and let us know about your favorite one!

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