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    6 Amazing Pakistani celebrity weight loss transformations that will inspire you

    Hollywood is filled with inspiring celebrities; from makeup tips to fashion advice, nonetheless, it is easy to state that our Pakistani Lollywood is also not lagging behind in the fashion race!

    Our desi celebrities totally know how to make a lasting impression, especially when it comes to striking a pose for the press!

    With that said, while the internet is downright flooded with celebrity gossip, their open secrets and totally beautiful pictures; you will be happy to read that they all weren’t so flawless, always!

    Yes! Just like us ‘couch potatoes’, our favorite stars had a few layers of thick skin back in the day which they have obviously shed now for the cameras and if you seek extra motivation for your oh-so-ugh dieting and gym days, here are 6 rocking inspirations from Pakistan to get you off your butt…to hit the nearest gym!

    Hareem Farooq

    Hareem, a completely fun loving and sweet actor turned director tops the chart with weight loss motivation feels! Most of us know about the appalling weight shedding struggles and commitment is just one thing we all lack. Not for Hareem though!

    She is an inspiration for all teenage Pakistani girls out there because believe it or not, she lost 35kgs within 365 days and we are all drooling over her new, spectacular look.

    In an interview, Hareem mentioned that she doesn’t hoot for ‘size zero’ and rather believes in being a part of a healthy lifestyle. One of her weight loss secrets is that she never resorted to crash diets and are you all asking if she worked out every day? Well, the answer is unbelievingly NO!

    Nevertheless, she stayed committed and patient.

    Sanam Jung

    As we are all aware of the fact that our favorite Hum.TV host Sanam Jung gained a few pounds during pregnancy and still carried herself with class, however was not really happy with it.

    With her goal to reach her pre-pregnancy weight after giving birth to Alaya, she lost a whopping 17.5 kg with the help of a renowned trainer Shoaib Khan in 2018 and is flaunting her hourglass figure since!

    Nadia Khan

    Going with the name of ‘Oprah Winfrey of Pakistan’, Nadia Khan needs no introduction!

    Also known for her jolly personality and celebrated work during her days as a morning show host, it is sad to say that the masses remember her chubby cheeks and extra pounds showing off here and there on her body too!

    The chubby appearance did not shatter Nadia khan, rather motivated her to become someone totally fresh and transformed.

    With a healthy diet, regular workout at the gym and Madiha Iftikhar by her side; Nadia Khan waved all her flabby layers goodbye and as of now, is showing off her magnificent looks on the screen effortlessly!

    Natasha Khalid

    When we say ‘Celebrity makeup and hair artist’, Natasha Khalid is the name which pops in everyone’s head.

    Let alone, from hitting the road from flab to fab, Natasha has not only gained more fans but has truly set a benchmark for working women who desire to lose weight.

    Not sure about the amount of pounds she lost, however, we can surely see a remarkable difference!

    Minal and Aiman Khan

    One thing the twin sisters learned after joining the media industry was to ditch appetizing snacks and settle for less tempting food groups such as veggies and fruits!

    While it might sound totally boring and drastic, the fact is that this helped the duo lose all the chubbiness and become the talk of the town.

    Recently hitched Aiman with Muneeb Butt made a statement in very fashionable attires, perfect for her figure, only to highlight her collar and cheek bones even more!

    Juggan Kazim

    Juggan Kazim is a popular name in the media industry and what’s even more admired is her struggle to keep the pounds off! She has not only cleaned up nicely after losing more than 17kgs, but getting into shape has helped her kept her youthful face for a longer duration for sure.

    The 39 year old actress/tv host and model looks ravishing in her Garnier Fructis Pakistan campaign and we wish her best of luck for her future!


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