Being answerable to a desi boss is one of the many things we need to accept as employed Pakistanis. Nonetheless, what most of us do not realize is that there are more sides than just one to the generic leader we all envision before we are hired.

We usually deduce that this new boss is going to challenge, demand, and work us as much as our ability will permit us to, or maybe even more! This is why most of us are at a loss when we start work and are unable to maintain a steady equation with our managerial half.

You see, there is more to a ‘Desi’ boss than pushing one to their highest abilities- the slave driving, the screaming, the taking for granted, the silence, the impatience, the mysterious expressions- and what not!

Each boss has a unique personality that employees should know how to work with (or around!)

Here is a list of 4 main kinds of Pakistani bosses you ought to know about.

Mr. Primitive

As the name suggests, this desi boss is extremely conventional in every sense of the word. Even if they have acquired an education in the particular field they are working in, the ‘game’ behind their nature is majorly based on their experience.

Unwilling to change or entertain your innovative nature, Mr. Primitive will want the level of control you allow him to have over you.

Professionalism, and formal designations should be forgotten, as this guy will expect you not to want such titles- just work for him and give him the results he (specifically) needs.

New project proposals and over eager natures will not work well with such an authority figure, so it is suggested to keep your ideas to yourself and get ready to do as you are told- Just as you are TOLD!

Madam Khandaani

image (1).png

This lady is bubbly, loquacious, and may be a a socialite, yes; so better polish your small talk skills for this one!

A downside of working with Madam Khandaani is that, though it may seem like she values your input, she is but a khandaani gal, and you’ll have to compete with more than half the office as they will all be related to her!

She will choose them over you any day, and hence, working extra hard may not avail any good results for you. Stay strong though, it is not all bad. She also resorts to trying to balance this version of favoritism. Get on the right side of the rishteydars and you might just become one of them!

Again, professionalism is not a strong suit for this version of a Pakistani boss so form a situation in which it seems like you are favoring her word over anything else. Informal convincing and some of the age-old boot-licking may do the trick and get your point across.

Mr. Manipulator

This man is intelligent and totally professional. He is the desi tycoon. He is highly organize, so always be prepared. Prepared for what exactly?

Well, to be manipulated, of course! He will go to any lengths in order to use your skill-set for his gain. He will not always share with you what exactly the purpose of a particular given task is, and you may find yourself being overused, working overtime, with no idea how you got there!

Tips and tricks if you are an unfortunate employee of such a boss would be to stay on your toes, be aware and geared up to offer helpful information which may be appreciated- you may even have a chance of mercy on his behalf!

Madam Paranoia

This Pakistani boss, mostly female, has a brilliant brain that is unfortunately up to no good. All that grey matter has been converted into an extreme kind of paranoia.


Even if you do something right, she will believe that you are working at a bigger game, maybe even trying to gain approval only to later double-cross! And (God forbid) if you do something wrong, then you MUST only be trying to drag the name of the company down with you.

Either way fellas, you are not going to be spared. So what is the solution? Constant tassalIi/ reassurance. Become especially close to this person so that a level of trust slowly begins to form, solidify this trust with constant updates of your actions. You may make it out alive!


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