‘Planet Earth II’ The Best 4K Videos You Will Ever See


4K and Blu-Ray are the formats you want to go for if you want to see life up close and have the best TV experience. Amazingly these days these formats now offer 2160 lines of resolution which is almost the double you get in regular resolution and it supports 60 frames per seconds.

If we talk about 4K resolution in streaming services we do get 4K streaming on Netflix. but the kind of internet connections we have available in our country we might have to wait for it for some time.

The matter of 4K and Blu-Ray is like a chicken and egg situation. currently, these technologies are very expensive and the only reason prices will come down is when there is more demand for such products or people somehow start buying more of these. Oh! and also your Television has to support such resolution that is another added expense that a consumer has to bear.

What we need is a killer app kind of situation which will make us watch over and over again — something that will make a user experience from suspended to ecstatic one.

And here we have the magnificent ‘Planet Earth II’ insanely beautiful series narrated by legendary David Attenborough. After screening for the last six weeks on BBC America, Planet Earth II arrived on 4K Blu Ray this week and quickly became a bestseller on video rental websites.

There is no doubt that this six-part series took 3 years in the making and was shot completely in 4K format. Which means all those shots of moving birds and running animals are half as sharp on the screen when actually shot in nature.

Watching it on a 4K Blu-Ray is like watching through a live window in your room. As if you are there and see it happening right in front of you.

and Oh let’s not forget the sound. We don’t exactly know the technicalities of Surround sound like what dynamic range it caters but it sure sounds so crisp & clean. The only real way and best possible way to see it is on 4K monitors. So, if you’re able to take everyone around you to journey of ‘Planet Earth II’ the way its producers want you to see it. Chances are they will thank you for taking them on a virtual safari right in your bedroom!


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